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Is Evolution True Science
Are you all serious. Have any of you actually gone out and looked at the evidence for evolution, there is alot of evidence that evolution happened. You all are living in ignorance, genesis contradicts more than half of all known natural science, the earth and universe are definitely not 6000 years old, there was definately no world flood, theres not even evidence for the exodus, the bible is about as reliable as any other ancient text.

Can I Pray To Mary
Kay, then your mother did not give you life - she was just a carrier, right? Wrong. Your mother gave you life with the help of God. Mary gave life to the Human Christ with the help of God. Jesus had the DNA of Mary - he shared Her blood, She was HIS TRUE MOTHER. She was/is as much of Christ's Mother as our mothers are.

You guys will do anything to denigrate Mary but remember, She is the Mother of Christ who also happens to be our God.

Can The Pope Have A Girlfriend
Helen, to call the RCC as the most evil or whatever makes you so judgemental that I would not want to take any of your advice at all.

You need to see a psychiatrist.

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