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Favorite Book Of The Bible
My favorite book of the Bible is Genesis because it is the beginning. This first book of the Old Testament tells the story of Creation, the fall of Man. and God's relationship with Noah, Moses, and Abraham and his descendents

Favorite Prayer Request
My favorite prayer is when I awake in the morn & just before I go to sleep. I look out the window and say "Thank you for the day you have given me. Please bless (whoever is having a problem they need help with.) Please help me with (whatever problem I'm having.) AMEN."

How To Preach Salvation
First be their friend. Tell them about Jesus, they'l read your actions about your Christian life.Ask them to go to God's Church and recieve His plan of salvation, not a man's religious organization. With his help the seed will grow.

What's Up January 2010
Happy New Year to all at ChristiaNet! I hope everone has a great 2010!

Favorite Christian Songs
My favorite Christian song is the Lighthouse especially the chorus.

Celebration Of Christmas Biblical
The Bible offers no date for Jesus' birth. The presence of shepherds "keeping watch over their flock by night" [Luke, 2:8] suggests that Jesus' birth may have actually occurred in the spring during lambing--the only time of year shepherds watched their flocks both day and night.
In the early fourth century, church leaders decided they needed a Christian alternative to the winter solstice celebrations. They chose December 25th as the date of Jesus' birth.

Benefits To Blogging
There's no reason for any contention and division amongst believing bloggers. Everyone should be respectful of each other's opinion ( You cant respect an unbelievers opinions. ) We can learn from each other. It's not my way or no way--it's God's way. And like Donna says "Praying puts us in communion with God. Blogging puts us in communication with man/women."

Small Home Churches Biblical
In the early times of Church people gathered in homes to worship.
Small Churches are more interative, and with more fellowship as a single group, Also the pastor has more time to minister to the people.
A Church should grow, but lest not forget that a Church is the people not a fancy big building

What's Up In November 2009
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Christianet!

Why Stay In Church
I stay in Church because I believe in God.
That's right. No Church is perfect. If you fall, God is there to help you up. Being outside the Church, the devil will drag you down even more & you may never get back up. A Church is not the building. It's the people, some may judge, then they'l be judged by God. In Church is the fellowship and the Spirit. But, one should find God's Church that they feel comfortable in.

Cyber Churches Gaining
They may be, I don't think that one can interact with an internet church. It is not as effective as physically attending a Church service, One needs the fellowship with the other Church members. A Church is not a web site or even a building--it's the people. That not to say that a Church shouldn't have a web page for information or to podcast sermons so they can be listened to again or shared with others. Technology can have it's place, whether good or bad, time will tell."

Why Do You Believe In God
I believe in God becaue when I look around at the order of the universe, the beauty of nature, and he created mankind and just One Salvation plan for mankind. Who could have done it all, but God. And who else answers my prayers and gave me this beautiful day. Only God of course.

Is God's Grace For All
God's grace is for all those that will accept it. He created mankind. He loves the saved, the unsaved alike. Hates the sin that people do.

Is God Really There
Yes, God is really there. Just look around--the order of nature, the sun, the earth, the stars, the animals, and mankind. God's presence is eveywhere. None else could have done this all?

Does God Answer Prayers
Yes, I really believe that God does answer prayers. I always thought I shouldn't ask God for something for myself. I would pray for someone else. But one day I did and he answered me and I thanked him for it.

Do Guardian Angels Exist
Yes, guardian angels do exist because I'L
have one when God knows I need one at the appointed time and or times !
Mine doesn't appear in a robe and with wings, a spirit being accompany's to my life and helps me when I really need it." God knows.

Can Women Know The Bible
I think both men and women should know God's Word the Bible as well as they can in order to grow spiritually with the help of the Holy Ghost

Saved By Doing Things
Repent, Be baptized in Jesus' name and Receive the Holy Ghost

I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs
To Susie B, et al
I just got here, so I'm not outa here YET, but I know that some blog questions have not made it or have been changed. As long as a blogger doesn't use offensive language and sticks to the subject of christianity their blog question or reply should be posted.

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