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What Is Your Favorite TV Show
I know this was not a TV show, but they should make it after the movie. Remember Mars Attacks?

Humor Blog #12
Olie, your a trip, son. If they ever open up an act for you in swamp hollar West Virginia, You'll sell em out! Still don't know where Jr. is. Last I heard, he was spotted on a hog barge going to the Orient. The boy is always thinking about food. I would still lay odds that he would pass on Olie's cooking. He may not be the freshest Twinkie in the box but his daddy didn't raise a fool.

Humor Blog #11
"Will the owner of a silver spaceship in the south parking lot, please come to the courtesy desk. Thank you."
Has my son been by here? You know the Big boy. You can't miss him. He's the one that blocks the sun for a day as he passes by. Usually he leaves a wake behind him when he's working on buffets. I know, I'll put him on the Olie diet!

Humor Blog #9
Just stopping by on my way off to Manchester England for a tour. Visited my mom in Pahrump, and she's doing great! I would walk to Europe but the ocean floor is a little muddy. Besides it's a pain to keep coming up to the surface for air a lot. You kids be good while I'm away. Don't take any wooden Pickels! There good with tuna on rye. Pet Elder for me, and please take him for walks every day or at least use a treadmill, and a dogie bag. Bulia!

Humor Blog #6
What's happening kid's? Just flew in from Vegas, boy are my arms tired! Kaboom! I know that one is ancient but it still works.

My son is in Reno and he's learning. I told him to do anything he wanted, just don't mention my name. He's a little on the heavy side, like a side of beef. While on stage he sweats so much they have to pass out boots just to have a show. He doesn't use a towel, he uses a horse blanket.
I'm being korny and I'm tired. God bless! Don't take any wooden nickels.

Humor Blog #3
It should be Humor Blog #4 kid's but who's counting?

Newest Humor Blog
I got caught throwing a cherry bomb down the school hallway by sister Teresa. She brought me to the classroom, locked the door and slapped me silly. True story. Thus, the name Slappy! Off again to parts unknown.

Newest Humor Blog
OK! I just flew in from Arizona, boy are my arms tired! Been reading your reply's. I can use some of this material. Thanks! Off to Camroon.>>>>>>>

Newest Humor Blog
I like this blog, kids! Your doin great!

What Are You Doing That Is Fun
What am I doing for the summer? I'm going to the HUMOR BLOG!

Newest Humor Blog
That's some joke there, Eloy. My brother Jim says..."Tell him what he's won there, Johnny"!

"Yes Jim, He's won an all expense paid oneway trip with THE FLYING ELVIS'S!
And yes Jim, he'll be wisked away on a C-130 military transport, to be dropped off at 10,000 FT. over the Nevada desert!"
Excursion price does not include: tax, license and applicable fees. JP

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