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How To Identify Cults
If changing a single word of the bible makes a group a cult, then anyone using any translation is a cult. The KJV is FULL of errors and mistranslations of the original Hebrew. The idea of salvation through grace alone is NOT part of the OT and is not part of the NT. The concept of grace alone was an invention of Martin Luther and Calvin.

By your definition, modern Dispensationalists, Pentacostals, Assembly of God and all those groups are cults.

Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry
Neither the Freemasons nor the Rotary are cults. Freemasonry doesn't control the minds of their members, nor does it ask members to sell flowers at airports. Also, members are allowed to believe anything they want as long as they believe in God. I do realize that Fundamental Christians, Pentacostals tend to see any group which invokes God and not Jesus as a cult. That is merely demagoguery. At no time in my involvement with Masonry was I ever asked to do anything which would betray my civic or religious obligations. It was a unique opportunity for me to sit and get to know other men who belonged to religions other than mine. I do not feel that Freemasonry is any more a cult than the Red Cross, the local chamber of commerce or the PTA.

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