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Living Together Before Marriage
In regards to Elijah staying at the Widow's house! Scripture out of context is scripture in error! Please study those verses in the context of what God was truly saying, please don't use them to back up the false teachings your trying to spread!

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
Should preteens be able to date? God has placed the parents over the home for the protection of the family, The father (husband) as the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church, (Ephesians 5:23a) together the father and mother make the choice for the child. If parents choose to allow preteen dating there should be close parental supervision.Preteen crushes are a natural part life."Proper" parental supervision would be the key to successful preteen dating.

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
Should preteens be allowed to date, or experience innocent crushes? (Ephesians 6:1-3) Children obey your parents as in the Lord: for this is right. The bible, (God's word) is very clear about the instructions to the child concerning following the parents choices for the child in all areas of their life. That is the God given responsibility to the parents, make the right choices for their children.

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