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I Need A Christian Friend
I am a married christian woman with a non-christian husband going through a lot of stuff because of that an am really confussed on how to handle stuff and just need someone who love the Lord God to talk to.

I Want Some Christian Friends
I am a married 28 year old wife and mother of 1 soon to be 2 in 2 weeks. I moved away from my family and friends and need a christian friend.

Is Pologamy A Sin
I am not sure if someone already sited these passages from the bible but I felt a need to site it. I do not believe God intended for us to have more then one wife/husband this is why I am confused at why many of the leaders of the tribes of israel did. Maybe someone can help me.

Husband Comes Before The Kids
Can someone tell me some ideas to show my husband that i do care and love him? What do guys like? Flowers? Chocolate? I need to know. I work all the time and so does he, and he feels like i never put him first anymore....I just don't know how to show him.

Must Christians Tithe
This is all I have to say.....
2Co 9:5 So I have decided to ask Titus and the others to spend some time with you before I arrive. This way they can arrange to collect the money you have promised. Then you will have the chance to give because you want to, and not because you feel forced to.
2Co 9:6 Remember this saying, "A few seeds make a small harvest, but a lot of seeds make a big harvest."
2Co 9:7 Each of you must make up your own mind about how much to give. But don't feel sorry that you must give and don't feel that you are forced to give. God loves people who love to give.
2Co 9:8 God can bless you with everything you need, and you will always have more than enough to do all kinds of good things for others.

A Christian Surrogate Mother
You know in the old testament there were surrogates all the time just in a different way. unfortunatley the bible is not certain on this hoever it is certain that we are to love and give life not take it away. i think that this should and will be the choice of the couple and the woman whom is willing to give birth for that couple. jesus was all about sacrafice and this is obviously the ultimate. good for you that you are thinking about it but ask God he will tell you more that people on this blog....

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
Yes i do believe that your mother i law needs help.There is no shame telling someone that u have a problem

I Never Loved My Husband
I understand! I married my husband to get out of my parent's house. We were engaged after two weeks of knowing each other. The day of our wedding I wanted to say no so bad, I wanted to run! I have stayed and it is not good. I still do not love him more than a friend. I have met someone else and struggle with wanting to leave but I know that it is wrong and do not want to sin.

Pastor Refused Me In Church
Thanks for the clarification and support, John and Rita. I searched to find scripture that would help but could not locate. Have not been back to church since this incident, which occurred 5 years ago. I live daily with Christ in my heart and hope that when I pray for guidance and forgiveness, He will provide it. I would love to have guidance from people more versed on the subject than myself, but now I feel like they might be objects I am putting between myself and God. I will keep praying...

Pastor Refused Me In Church
I am new in Christ and I am trying very hard to understand where He wants me to be. I went to a local church to get established with a group of Christians. Second visit, the pastor spoke with me and told me that in order to be saved, I would have to leave my second husband (a happy marriage with children) and go back to my first, or live the rest of my life alone. This is not possible on many levels and I refuse to believe there is no hope for me, as he put it...I am confused!

Weight Loss Tips And Scriptures
Try Devotions for Dieters, also the Lord's Table. (type in a search engine and you should find them.)

A Christian Surrogate Mother
Ladies, if you are thinking about being a surrogate (or using one), I would have to say go for it! More than likely you will not regret it! I haven't! In fact I'm ready to do it again! I am amazed at how much such an act of love & kindness like surrogacy can cause so much division amongst ourselves. Don't we have better things to argue against! I am a Christian and have been a surrogate. I do not believe surrogacy is anti-Christian!Mary was definitely a surro mother!

A Christian Surrogate Mother
I am a Christian woman and mother. I delivered gestational surrogate twins one month ago. It is such an amazing gift to give. If you are careful in selecting your couple, you can remain in contact. Therefore, even if they are not Christians, you can be a witness to them by showing them Christ's love. Surrogacy is something that must be decided by the individuals but it is by no means evil or a sin. I could not have done it w/ out His love & guidance. Consider the all the possibilities!

When Should A Women Be Submissive
Even in your daily life, married or single, you should display submissiveness towards the authority figure. I believe that you should show your submissiveness to the guy courting you, but if he takes advantage of it, then don't go with him. When marriage finally takes place, be sure he is doing his role, and you do yours. Unfortunately even if he doesn't do his role, we still are to be submissive, or at the very least respect him.

My Boyfriend Is An Atheist
hey it's stephanie thanks for the responses! i did break up with him and have not talked to him for a couple of weeks. i do know from his friend though that he is going to church with her. it may just be for me, but pray that it will one day be for his ownself. i love him and i know he loves me. and yes god may not want him to be the one for me but of course i can't help but think one day we may be together again. please pray for him!

Dress Anyway To Church Today
my church is very casual and i think that is great! it doesn't matter what you wear, it matters who you're going there for! i'm not saying short shorts and things are ok...but yea, being casual is not what matters...people try to dress high society in the church to impress others, that's not right

Are People Made For Evil
i most certainly do not know everything! but i feel that we are put on this earth knowing right from wrong. which way we choose is on our own self.

The AntiChrist Is Announced
wow..the world just gets worse and worse every day huh? and it becomes harder and harder to be a christian!..though said, us christians must always stand up for the truth!

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