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God Called Me To Sing
For crying outloud, Bill. You have to let it go sometime. If the other two songbirds are there for whatever reasons, and RD is taking this very seriously, then you have an unequally yoked group. The same with a business partner, if you're unequally yoked, that bird won't fly no matter how much jet fuel you're using. It will not get off the ground.
RD is not joking with unequal yoking. Let it go, Bill, let it go.

God Called Me To Sing
She went, she sang, it's over, Bill.
It's over.
Let's not analyze this to pieces.
The other songbirds sang what they wanted, RD complied. It's a new day and a new song.
I believe RD is called to sing and the other two, not so much, maybe. If it continues to be a prob, she's going out on her own, solo.
The other two can sing whatever they want.
If RD does go solo, her singing floods hearts with the presence of God; Guess what, RD will be singing more and more at church.

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