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Purpose Of Holy Spirit

Whether or not the word "curse" was actually used, it was still a curse. Let's suppose, say, God told you "I will curse the ground for your sake - everywhere you walk, all plants within 10' of you will wither", and if plants died anywhere you went. EVERYONE would agree, YOU are under a curse.

Woman would suffer labor pains, and be subservient to men. Men would have to toil to get food from the earth. How are these not curses? And if not, why would God mention them specifically as punishments?

And despite Jesus's sacrifice, Christians STILL physically die, suffer childbirth, till the soil, etc.

Law Of Sin And Death

You posted the same exact list here three times on the same day. Are you sure yet?

Rick Santorum Next President

Most people suffer various mental illnesses from time to time - we all get depressed once in a while, we all get a bit paranoid - that's part of human nature, and that's OK. In some people, however, the conditions are severe enough to seriously impact their lives to where they can't provide for and/or care for themselves.

This doesn't mean the rest of us don't suffer from mental illnesses. There are many who live in that grey area between fully functional and totally nuts.

It is the same with physical illnesses. There is a large spectrum between fully healthy and intensive care, and most of our medical industry deals with caring for those in between. Why should mental health be any different?

Interfaith Conferences Biblical

I suspect "hahai" in the blog topic is supposed to read "Baha'i".

Look at the methods of the Israelis. For example, the bombing of the King David hotel. There were casualties, yes, but that was because they explicitly warned the authorities of the bomb threat, yet were ignored. Contrast with muslim suicide bombers whose purpose is to gain publicity by MAXIMIZING casualties rather than minimizing them.

Or Hamas launching rocket attacks from schools and hospitals and homes in Gaza, and forcing civilians to stay inside, so when the Israeli forces retaliate (and kill innocent civilians), Hamas can play the victim card. People who have contempt for thier own can hardly have any respect for others.

Slain In The Spirit
Cluny and Ignatius:

While this is not, strictly speaking, exactly the same thing, there is the story in 1 Samuel 10 where Saul encountered a group of prophets, and prophesied with them.

Falling into a spiritual ecstasy is not that uncommon. Don't many saints describe similar experiences?

Also, just because scriptures didn't record God ever having worked in some particular way, that doesn't necessarily mean he can't work that way.

If one were to have judged the miracles of Jesus by what was in the scriptures at that point, quite a few of them would have been suspect. And the same goes for many miracles attributed to saints after the New Testament canon was closed.

Deadly Anti-Christ Wound
People forget that the Beast will have such power that he will be able to force everybody on the earth to get his mark, and not be able to conduct any commerce without it. Given current world demographics, the Vatican doesn't even come close to having that kind of coverage. Even if all people who self-identified as Christians were one homogeneous group (and they are not), that would only cover about 1/3 of the world's population, with Islam coming in a close second. Nobody today has the Beast kind of power. Some kind of major change will have to happen first for that to change.

Is Infant Baptism Biblical

Yes, of course - because, as we all know, St. Augustine was the end all and be all of authority about Christian doctrine, and was incapable of error.

Old Testament Followed Today

Why should "your word have place in me" when you have not shown it to be true? I accept God's word, but why should I accept yours? You are not God.

I repeatedly ask you for proofs from scripture (or at least some respected authority), but you call such requests disrespect. You yourself refuse to respect the Bible's own repeated admonitions that all truth shall be established by 2-3 witnesses, instead relying only on your own uncorroborated opinions.

You sometimes quote scriptures, but they often say nothing to the issue at hand (for example, Matthew never once claims to be present when Jesus is born, and I challenge you to find any verse that explicitly says he was).

How To Calculate 666

The Urantia Book claims to have been written by "celestial beings" on papers that materialized in a mysterious and unique way (to people who are now all deceased). In this regard, it is little different from the Book of Mormon, or any other specious books that claim to be true but has no legitimate claim to authority. One might as well consult any other work of fantasy or science fiction.

Believe Jesus Is Coming Soon

According to that calculation, the Third Temple bad better be built within one year from today, or somebody has miscalculated!

Dumbest Blog Question

6 of the ten fall under "love your neighbor", 3 of them fall under "love God". However, it doesn't seem like "Remember the sabbath to keep it holy" falls under either of these.

Then again, if any Christian truly believes that this command MUST be kept, he must either believe that it still means what it meant when Moses originally wrote it (i.e. sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night), or that we're free to change the times and the seasons (despite Daniel 7:25).

Are Easter Eggs Biblical

And the Greek "Pascha" comes from the Hebrew "Pesach" for Passover.

Evangelise In Sinful Places

Please read exactly what you just wrote. The word "blasphemy", "blasphemer", etc. DO NOT OCCUR in the passage you just quoted. Jesus called the Pharisees "offsprings of vipers", but he did not call them blasphemers. Jesus goes on to describe blasphemy, but is NOT directly accusing them of it here.

Is Depression An Evil Spirit

Today, we worry about losing our jobs and losing our homes and not being able to afford electricity (TV and internet and air conditioning). 100 years ago, people worried about world war. 200 years ago, it was the Civil War. 800 years ago, it was the Black Death. 1000 years ago, it was the Crusades. 2000 years ago, it was invasion by Rome.

Every age has its dangers and traumas. The causes change, but the effects remain the same.

Break Off An Engagement

I didn't say that marriage was not an important and binding covenant between two people. All I said was that there weren't any examples of wedding ceremonies in the Bible. From all that I can see, there are many references to marriage covenants, legal contracts, dowries, reparations to the father in case his daughter is despoiled by rape, etc. - in other words, marriage was effectively a matter of civil contract law (a contract between the groom and the bride's father) rather than a "religious sacrament" as such. (This is not to denigrate the importance of the covenant, however. The Bible is full of other kinds of equally importand and binding covenants as well.)

Re-Baptized When Saved

I agree it can be dangerous to base important doctrines on extra-Biblical sources. However, excluding ALL such sources leads to absurd contradictions. For example, the Bible itself does not teach Sola Scriptura. The whole Christian movement in the first century existed without most of the New Testament being available to most people - yet they still believed it without it being in the Bible. Also, there were many discussions about WHICH books to include in the Bible canon. Such determinations must necessarily be extra-Biblical, since no Bible book contains lists of which books are in the Bible itself. Some books do mention other books, but some also mention other biblical books that aren't in the Bible either.

What If Big Bang Is True

Right! And likely, at the last judgment, many such people will boast "We persecuted and tortured and murdered many unbelievers, and we did it all for you!"

And Jesus will likely reply "What on earth were you THINKING? Did you ever listen to a SINGLE WORD I SAID?"

USA Becoming Socialistic

There was an article in the Salon on Sept 6, 2007 titled "Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction":

On April 23, 2006, CBS's "60 Minutes" interviewed Tyler Drumheller, the former CIA chief of clandestine operations for Europe, who disclosed that the agency had received documentary intelligence from Naji Sabri, Saddam's foreign minister, that Saddam did not have WMD. "We continued to validate him the whole way through," said Drumheller. "The policy was set. The war in Iraq was coming, and they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy, to justify the policy."

Later, two former senior CIA officials corroborated this.

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