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RFID Chip Is Here
I would agree with Dan.

Remove Mark Of The Beast
What if it is your Social Security card? Certain Amish people refuse them. But God is merciful. Romans 11:36.

Is It OK To Marry A Catholic
Steveng, that is the very reason why monks and nuns don't marry. But God is merciful to married and single people alike. Romans 11:32.

Is The Bible Literal
Josef, thanks, and bless you. Note that I have changed my screen name from SusieQ to SueQ7373 to match my e-mail here.

World Made From Big Bang
God is everywhere in Jesus who holds the whole universe together in himself. Colossians 1:17.

Favorite Bible Stories
I like the story in Genesis 38 that shows that women are often wiser and smarter than men. But God is merciful to men anyway. Romans 11:32.

What Is A Fundamentalist
Jokingly someone once told me a fundamentalist is someone who does what God would do if God had all the facts. But I don't think that is true.

Is Smoking A Sin
Whatever does not proceed from faith is sin. Romans 14:23. It is not something for others to decide for you. Frying food in lard could just as easily be seen as sinful. God is merciful. Romans 11:32.

Esau Predestined For Hell
Steveng, I believe you are going to heaven. God bless you. God is merciful. Romans 11:32.

Abused By Pentecostal Church
I am so sad when anyone suffers abuse in the local congregation. I doubt that any denomination is immune to that. I pray for healing for all.

Is A Saved Sinner Possible
We are saved because Jesus loves us and gave his life for all of us. We did nothing to deserve it and can't boast that we did anything to obtain it. God is merciful. Romans 11:32.

Esau Predestined For Hell
StrongAxe, very good point. And God richly blessed Esau - see Genesis 33.

Who Is Going To Heaven
It is my hope and prayer that all of you will go to heaven. I am sure you will. God is more merciful than we think. Romans 11:32.

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