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Divorce A Drug Addict
NOTHING is in our time, it's all in God's. we made a Commitment "in sickness and in health". he's in sickness. God forgives us 70x7 times and asks us to do the same. the Bible says that God gives man the ability to forgive-not forget so that we don't walk around like robots-no free choice.he wants us to be making CHOICES to follow in his footsteps-regardless of the past. Only HE is able to forgive AND forget. Imagine if God said .I can't forgive you anymore .I'm gonna turn you in for someone who does right. He'd NEVER do that to us. we are called to be LIKE HIM-ACT like him all of the time.Get the book by called 70x7. changed my life. been in your shoes-DON"T LEAVE BEFORE THE MIRACLE HAPPENS

Will A Degree Help My Career
I certainly believe that getting an associates degree will help your carrer. That is what I am doing now.

People Raised From The Dead
That's nice, but the rest of us really don't need to know the blow by blows.
Dropping names is not a good idea.

In Need Of Forgiveness
I do think some have revealed too much about themselves. Names, workplaces, everything but the street address.
If you have an employer and they know you're on here all the time, they can read every word you've said about your workplace. It's a good idea to save your personal details for your personal e-mails.
You wouldn't want to taint your professional reputations by revealing too much.
I've been able to put the pieces together by all the personal info. Employers can do it too.

In Need Of Forgiveness
When you throw in all the intimate details of your family life, that's above and beyond 'commonsense'.
This is global, not a private group of 200 active bloggers.
I personally would not be able to post my photo, my workplace, location, details about how I feel about my job and have peace of mind.

In Need Of Forgiveness
I think that some of this personal info might end up in the wrong hands or influence an employer's impression of your work performance. I feel this strongly and would not want that for you.

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