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Too Much Christian Hypocrisy
Even Jesus knew there were hypocrits in the church,but this did not stop Him(matthew 23:1-3,Mark 7:6-7).I would expect you to do the same.Remember,the church is the body of Christ and if you pull yourself out it means you're not with us,but against us.We need people like you who know right and wrong in the church.Attend church(1 Timothy 4:13)

Acceptable Not To Have Kids
Barbara,i'm sorry to say this.I find your statement"There are already a lot of unwanted children in the world" awful.Know that GOD never makes mistakes and no one comes into this wolrd by mistake.You may look at it as a mistake,but God looks at it as a perfect plan.There's no such a thing as unwanted or illegitimate children.Let's change the concept please.

40 Day Fast Shake Spiritual
A Lot of christians fast but a majority fast for wrong reasons.For more information read Isaiah 58.

Why Is Life So Busy
I agrre with Marla.Set your priorities and God should come first,then family.Leave the rest in His hands.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
It's time to categorise christians into two groups.(1)Christians who ONLY believe in the traditions of their church(sunday,Easter,Christmas(SEC) christians)false christians,fornicators,drunkards etc(2)Christians who believe in Jesus and are willing to imitate Him and follow His commandments. These are real christians.

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