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Why Do Churches Baptize Babies
Babies are not to be baptized. Acts 2:38-41 says, "even their children" were not referring to young children. How do we know this, the same text prequalifies this with, "first you must repent, turn to God, then be baptized," clearly stated in the same scripture. Luke 18:15-17, says Jesus touched them (children) and blessed them. We have to repent first, babies and children are not mature enough to know or appreciate repentance. Amen
Be blessed alll.

Is Moronism A Cult
Jerry, you're mad because SDA beliefs are considered Scriptural error, and even cultic in nature. Kindred prophets.

Are Catholics Christians
i have familiy members who are catholic, maybe god judges us according to what we know and not what we don't know. if they are ignorant of the idolatry aspect of their religion but want to know god and love him is it possible that there is grace for this after all solomon didn't do so well but god didn't totally disregard him is it possible that we are all ignorant on some level and idolaters on some level at least once in a while?

Should Christian Have Law Suits
I think as Christians when a person or organizaton does not pay for a service rendered and you have tried to work things out with him/them minus the Court of Law, then taking him to court without malice but to receive what is rightfully yours, is when you should utilize the system. A few hundred dollars may be one thing but several thousand dollars is a bit much to ask to allow to go by. Prayer first, Court of Law if necessary.

Help With Husband's Anger
I would have to say, to get out now for your sake and your children. I had three violent marriages and it affected me and my children for years,Seek counselling too.

Divorced And Now Dating A Girl
Dear Brother: You need to seek the Lord. Divorced christians are one of the most misunderstood groups in the body of Christ. I believe the Lord has an answer for each and every one of those individuals. Many times healing is needed in order for someone to move on. The issues and pain of break-up does not go away and needs to be placed before the throne of a merciful Father. We are still God's children and He wants the best for us. God will give you the words. Please don't allow the spirit of condemnation to overcome you. Take your time, seek the Lord first. Love in Lord Suzan5355

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