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Cohabiting Middle-Aged Couple
Maybe the pastor could have given them some counselling or advise them to be married lawfully.

Evolution versus Creationism
I'm a believer in directed evolution. I think the biblical creation accounts are very simplified accounts, with the primary message that God had a hand in creating things. They are like the 3 minute answer version you would give your kids when they ask a question that is way beyond their present ability to understand. I could be wrong, but I think that the world is too rich in evidence of its age and eons old processes of change to readily accept a 6 day creation.

Help For Marriage Abuse Issues
i was married for 17 years to a verbally abusive husband. Verbal abuse is just as bad or worse than physical abuse. Your bruses are inside of your heart, and dont go away, and it breaks your spirit. I have been going to counseling myself to help me cope with the things my ex-husband has told me in the past. I have very low self esteem. He would tell me mean things over and over i started to believe them. If your husband will not get help or counseling, you need to get out of the marriage.

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
and wicca to us is like new born christians that only look for jesus or a religion when they want something

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
Jesus is a Pagan christianity started after he died ..if he saw what was going on now with the christians building churches in his name and all them saints he would be not happy ...and in the 10 commandments it reads "thy shall not worship no other gods but me"" thats the word of god ,,,and yes i am a Pagan and i love jesus

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
1. Jesus criticized the hypocrisy and legalism of the religious status quo, and chose to embrace an alternative spiritual path. (Matthew 23:1-36.)

In Jesus' day, the religious establishment included the Pharisees and Sadducees, dominant factions in first century Judaism. Jesus' alternative path followed the radical teachings of his mentor, John The Baptist. continues next blog

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
Nowadays,in Europe and the Americas,the status quo is mainly Christianity;the path of the Goddess -Wicca- is one of the most compelling of available spiritual alternatives.Many people who embrace Wicca have the exact same criticisms of Christianity that Jesus is said to have had about the religious establishment in his day.Hyprocisy,egalism, blind obedience of the rules to the point of ignoring spiritual values like

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
love, trust,& freedom.These are the problems Jesus attacked in the official religion in his day,& that many Wiccans today see in the religious status quo of our time.Perhaps Jesus,were he here today,would join Wiccans in criticizing mainstream religion & trying to find an alternative way.

Females Must Be Given Away
Well I have talked to my daughter about this same thing and if i can share what she is planing to do is have me her mom walk her down, but will have her dad & her step dad on each side of her at the altar to give her away. I think this is going to work out fine, besides I have always told my daugther this is your day. And another idea this is what I did myself, i had the same problem so I had my brother give me away.
Good luck and God Bless

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Well, some women marry young and as a result the relationship ends in divorce. Have you prayed over the situation from deep in your heart. God will hear you and reply if you ask him to come in.

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