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Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
For i myslef, spoke in tongues when i recieved the SPirit

but never had the gift of tongues until i got older,

Many Blessing i suggest before anyone gives there opinion please know and understand the Bible,

1 cor 1 ,15

for he who has the Holy GHOST JUgdes all things,

Preach 10 Commandments
Leslie, Do you not think that sinners know their sining? They sin because they chose it. God calls the sinner to repentance, its up to them if they answer.

Has The Rapture Happened
The rapture means a snatching away. Christians will be snatched away after the great tribulation. If you want to read about it, read it in Matthew. The parable of the wheat and tares.

Tithe Or Not To Tithe
I am always amazed at the people that want to continue to live under the old testament. If you observe one law of the old , why don't you follow the rest?

I Am Divorcing This April
As I read these blogs, I am very happy to know that none of you are my JUDGE. It has been awhile since I have been on this site but now I recall the reason I quit coming here.

Preach 10 Commandments
Why all the talk about books? Why not let the SPIRIT teach you?

Did Christians Write The KJV
ELOY, I love the King James Version but I have come to love the Geneva 1560 best. All you people out there that haven't read the GENEVA 1560 try it. I think you will enjoy it. I do and I read it everyday.

Rapture Of Loved Ones
Let's see. Pretrib.-rapture. Not so. Read the parable of the wheat and tares and see what Jesus said about it. You'll find it in Matthew.

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