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Government Wants Chip In Hands
This is good!

I totally agree w/ you! Also, EXCELLENT question! If I may, very humbly add, it's not just freedom in America, and how would one defined it, it's freedom period! B/c, quite frankly, if you're not in Christ, you're bound anyway, though you may not know it.
I said that to say this, if you're searching for "freedom" in this wonderful country God has blessed us to live in, you will be searching, researching, and constantly adjusting to the constant changes of what freedom is in America.
However, "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed..." Regardless of where you are or what country you live in.
Other than this, as far as freedom in America, the only place may indeed be found in your head....

Marry A Man You Don't Like
Please tell me how this turned out for you. I am in the exact same situation and getting married in a couple of months and I am not in Love and I am not physically attracted to this man, but he is the only one who has been there for me and my daughter and has not hurt me. He loves me very much but I don't have the same feelings. I know he will be the ideal husband and father just without the love. I am 32 and I think that I might not have true love in my cards. I have been praying for this since 2002 and I have been a single parent for so long I am tired and want to settle and have a stable family.

Caught My Husband Cheating
I just found out less than a month ago that my husband was unfaithful and a child was the result of the affair. Since then, my trust is very thin and I have been reading emails. He is still flirting with an ex even though he has hurt me to my core. I love him and we have 2 kids. He says he is sorry and that it was only once and he has learned from it, but I am torn. I can't relive the life that my fore-mothers did. I want to abide by the word, but how much hurt can a person take.

What Is Greater Than God
i don't know!

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
Think back, how many other "hurricane victims" have been forced to leave there homes in these numbers and then be housed in the conditions that they have had to endure? How many other hurricane victims have had to be moved to other states because of the degree of devistation? I can't remember any, can you? I think this means that this is a situation like none we've ever seen before, therefore the response of the victims would likewise be unlike any we have seen before.

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