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Should She Date A Disabled Man
I just started dating an older man who is in a wheelchair due to MS. He is 51. I am 30. It's getting to be a very hot relationship. He is extremely talented and gives me just what I need at the right time in my life. At first it was intimidating, and terrifying. But he is an awesome guy that makes me feel amazing. Just wanted to share that with everyone.

My Daugher Has Anorexia
What are some good Anorexia treatment centers that you guys know of?

My Daugher Has Anorexia
Thanks for everyone helping.

What Are Ghosts
I believe that ghosts are demons also. What is the Christain approach when we come in contact with one?

What Are Ghosts
I believe that ghosts are demons also. What is the Christain approach when we come in contact with one?

Blessings For Obedience
One knows that the blessings for obedience are from God when one follows the Lord. If you are not following God, then who knows.

Divorce For Emotional Adultry
You are not alone!!! My husband of 3 years(friends for over 15) had an affair with a co-worker. I moved out but dont want the divorce either. I believe that God can heal a broken relationship and make it new. Keep praying, and listen to what he says.

Online Dating Tips
I am beginning that same journey. It is hard for a Christian to meet new single people. I am in the process of divorce, after my Christian husband had an affair. I don't know where to begin either.

Should The USA Leave Iraq
I thank that we should pull our men out and being them home. There has been already to many men that has given the ultimate sacerfice and that has been with their lives.
We need to support our troops with our prayers and emotional support as well.

Protesting The Amish Deaths
Fred Phelps is possessed by demons. When he speaks his eyes are just evil. He has no love for GOD, because we are all God's children. God so loved the world, that HE gave His only begotten son, so whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. If Fred Phelps believed this, he would not be spewing all kinds of blasphemous things out of his mouth. He is definately possessed by demon spirits.

Friendship With A Married Man
Why do we spend so much time on such matters if the wife is uncomfortable with the situation? What about you makes it impossible for you to find an unmarried friend? What is about you that wants to cause this wife so much trouble? Look inward sister....not outward.

Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult
That writer should have been in the group that I facilitated last night. Remarks such as this, keep people from seeking the help and guidance that they need and deserve.

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