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Is God In Control
Are you supporting criminals that kill people?

I Need Christian Fellowship
Elena...I feel that Markv's offer to be there when you need a friend is inappropriate. Women need to mentor women and men men. Blessings.

Brought You Nearer To God
John_II: John, I do not "worry" about falling short of not keeping a Sabbath day because keeping a Sabbath day does not save me. Christ"s sacrifice does. I know that as long as I am in this body I will fall short and that is why I need Christ our High Priest intervening for me. 1John 3:4 says "sin is the transgression of the law" and Rom.6:1-2 asks "...shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid!" My goal as a Christian is not to sin because I love Christ and am thankful for His sacrifice. However, if I were to blatenly live a life of sin that would be like a slap in Christ's face and if not repented of in a loss of eternal life. It comes down to heart and attitude.

I Need Christian Fellowship
iliya: I pray that God will send a true Christian friend for you.

ELENA: Sorry to hear that you are in a church where the ladies would treat you that way. Continue to stay strong in your love for God, look to him as the one true friend who will never disappoint. Blessings.

What Are You Thankful For
I just finished reading the Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom so it is very easy today to be thankful for the smallest everyday comforts we take for granted. Enough food to eat, a bed to sleep in that is not infested with fleas, to be able to take a bath anytime I want, to be warm, to have the freedom to come and go as I please, to be treated with respect...etc.

Can We Not Sin Like Job
more excellent way: If there is no sin what need do we have of a savior?

I Married A Lazy Man
Cluny: I notice you give a smart a - - answer on most of these blogs. They are most annoying and I'm sure not very helpful to the person seeking an intelligent answer to their question. Wonder how you would feel if that was done to you.

God Told Me Who To Marry
Hi guys, I have read through all the blog entries, and there are some valid points that have been made!!! From my experience I do believe God can tell you, or show you who you are going to marry, but however on the other hand you have to be extremely careful that you dont get carried away with your own desires, and try to turn your own desires into what you think God desires is for you.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
It is good to see that most Christian parents understand their RESPONSIBILITY to discipline their children. 2 Tim 3:16 says, "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right."(NLT)

There may be (very few) children that do not need spanking. But most will show deliberate defiance at some time in their lives. When you decide that God was wrong about spanking, (Prv 23:13 "Don't fail to correct your children. They won't die if you spank them.") then you're using the Bible as a reference, picking out what YOU like and what make YOU feel good.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
BTW, I send them to their room. Tell them to pull down their pants (they keep undies up). I use a small leather belt. I tell them what they did to earn a spanking, why it is Biblical for me to punish them in this manner, give one swat for each year of age, and afterwards tell them that I love them, and God loves them.

Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
I don't think it is a sin for those who need it but if you are miss using it then it is a sin. My husband and I both work hard and when our hours got cut at work we tried to get help. The people at DHS told us that one of us had to not be working because we made to much. No one ever takes into account the bill that a person has to pay. So we just tightend the money belt and saved any way we could. I am never going to walk into a welfare office again. They only seem to help the ones that won't help themselves.

Read The Bible Or Don't Read It
What better place to be "infiltrated"? I welcome people here who haven't read or who have questions. Having questions is different than not believing what is written. I read, but don't even pretend to understand it all. And it's especially wonderful to have non-believers reading this board! You may be on the first step toward eternal life!

Christians Doing Yoga
no my church says no because it is a mind exercise.

Pray That I Past My Drivers Test
Oliver...I will pray! But don't look at not passing your test as a just need a little more practice, and God could be using this to keep you safe until you are truly ready to fly on your own (or drive, rather, lol).
Practice some more, relax as much as you can while you are testing, and you'll have that license when the timing is right! Let us know when you get it, and we'll all give thanks and pray for your safety on the road!

I Have an Bad Addiction
You have taken the first and hardest step...asking for help! First, start with prayer. Ask to be led in the right direction and that helpers are put in your path. Do you have a pastor or a trusted adult to go to? Or call social services in your don't have to give your name, just ask where you can call for your specific problem. The important thing is that you follow through on what you just wrote and FIND the help you need. God can take you through it, but you have to make the choice!

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