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Divorce For Abandonment
I have been struggling with this same, very difficult question for some time, now. I hesitate to say that God has answered me, but have begun to consider that God may well have provided for the abandoned spouse, but only by careful attention to what He has shown us in His Word. I want to be very quick to say that I believe that, just as with sexual infidelity God has allowed divorce as an option not a command, I believe that what I share below is simply an option and that the faithful spouse must seek God's face and not forget mercy and grace, even in the depths of his or her despair.

Lineage Of David For Jesus
I think that Matthew (1st chapter)gives Jesus lineage thru Joseph...note that Joseph's lineage is thru Soloman in Matthew's Gospel...then Luke (3rd chapter)comes along and never mentions Soloman...why? Because the bloodline split there with David's TWO sons...Soloman and NATHAN...mentioned in the Gospel of Luke...check it out and let me know what you think.

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
I believe in Jesus because the Bible talks about Him, and his first followers died for believing in Him, and because I have come to know Him.

Where Are The Men Of God
I know what you mean. I often ask myself, "where are the Men of God?"
God is calling and some are listening, many however are in need of shaking awake. I'm afraid for those who have heard His call and have ignored it.

Many more need the Men of God than there are Men of God.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I believe in bare bottom spankings. (done in private or in front of the brother if both have created the offense)
At 3, you hand is still enough. Starting around 4, we graduated to a wood spoon.
Now (our girls are 4 & 7) we use a small paddle purchased on ebay for the oldest.
It hangs in the kitchen as a constant reminder that the grown ups, (including sitters, teachers etc) are in charge.
I hope this helps.



I Am A Prophet
As I read I get the holier then thou feeling that there is more judgement then understanding. We all pretend to know God's wants and desires, however, there is only one place to find them. It is in your heart. Don't judge. If God speaks to you then great, if he doesn't you are not listening. Did Moses have to be a true prophet to recieve the word of God, NO he had to listen. He was a prophet because he heard. He was a mortal man just like you and I. Yet, he listened and heard what God was telling him. I use the Biblical reference because that is what we have as an example, I am not a biblical scholar, I do though try to listen to my heart, because it is the loud speaker to my soul that God talks through.

The False Doctrines Blog
Yes. That would be the agenda of "SS" or "LN".

What Is A Revival
I believe it is B - Christian being "revived" in their faith, with God giving them a deeping hunger, longing, and understanding of His ways.

How Do You Pray
When I pray, I pray to God to greet him in the morning and thank him for a restful night. I pray to know His will, and to draw closer to Him each day, and in the evening to thank Him for all those things I was blessed with, and for those in need of prayer.

What Is A Christian Fanatic
If your thoughts are consumed with every religious denomination, you're prone to other obsessive behaviors, you could fall into religious fanaticism. If your days as a blogger take away from your family and everyday chores are neglected, you could be out of balance. It might be time to step back and evaluate your priorities, what's healthy. Neglecting your life is not God's plan.

Are Magicians Demonic
Keep telling yourself that one, too.
Magic and illusion, it's all witchcraft.

Without the Holy Spirit, those who fight hard against the Holy Spirit, deny His power, they will willingly fall for the illusion of the antichrist and be glad to do so.

Obama For President
The antichrist will reject all "worldviews" about religion, he'll deny that Jesus Christ came in the flesh.
He will perform lying wonders and signs.

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