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Explain Sackcloth And Ashes

Husband Never Buys Me Gifts
Well its Valentines Day again and no gift as usual.But that shouldn't suprise me after 34 years of marriage! Afterall I have never gotten anything for Mothers Day because I'm not his mother, my birthday....take that back , I got a used car because he gave my car to a lady friend of his, our anniversary has never been celebrated , well I guess it was sort of last year with his lady friend. He loves receiving gifts and he loves giving gifts just not to me I would be happy with just a card!

Paddle His Bare Bottom
yes indeed ! i dont understand the question . if a child needs medication, you also ask ? theres only one solution PANTS DOWN ! BOTTOM UP ! a good paddling !!!

Still My Wife In Heaven
I lost my husband 23 days ago, I have went over the ques. again & again about marriage in heaven. I have come to the conclusion that marriage is a term, I was married and therefore ordained by God to procreate, but in heaven marriage as a term is no longer valid since procreation is no longer valid. But I will be still be bound to my husband "whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven" Matt 18:18 God made me for him and vice versa, I will be his companion and he will be mine. He brought us together and I believe we will always be together. When the new heavens & earth are created we will again be together as husband and wife.

Falsely Accused By CPS
I totally feel your pain. Take it serious, unlike what we did when my brother was falsely accused. He knew he did not do it, they offered a plea deal of 6 years and he said no that he was not admitting to nothing he did not do. Now he received 2 life sentences. We are still fighting. Other help would be F.A.S.T (false allegations solutions team) - they are not attorneys - Please take this serious, your life depends on it.

What Are You Thankful For
I am thankful for A mom and dad that took me to church and that I know the Lord and about is love and mercy

God's Covenants With Man
We humans sometimes break are covenant with God. God dose not forget his promises and he dont forget what we promis him that is to love him with are whole heart and keep his commandments and to love one another as christ loved us even are enamys.

What Does Born Again Mean
No one mentioned Adam and Eve. When Adam the first human rep of this earth rebelled against God, he spiritually died. All of Adam and Eve's kids were born SPIRITUALLY DEAD & Separated from God. Faith through the Last Adam, Jesus (Romans)came in perfect obediance to pay for the sins of all humans ( should they accept) and live the perfect life. To be BA means that you are nor coming from Jesus, you are spiritually alive via Holy Spirit, You old you in Adam is viewed as nile, and you come from the perfect one now. You have a relationship with Jesus the Last Adam. He lives in you now. You are now reconcilled w/ God in good standing bc of JC.You are via faith, spiritually alive as God brought you back from the dead.

Is Remarriage Adultery
Many of you have OPINIONS on what the Bible says on the topis of divorce and remarriage but I want someone to give verses to back up these opinions. Someone keeps saying "The Bible says.." but fails to say where in the Bible it is. Remember the Old Testament is history. The New Testament is letters written to specific people. If you do not understand to who and why those letters were written then you may not understand how to apply what was written. It is so sad to see the Bible taken out of context and used incorrectly to support ideas that the Bible may not support. So please, there are people out there looking for guidence. If you believe the Bible is the authority then give references to help others, not your opinion.

Is This Prophetess Of God
There is not doubt in my mind this is a woman of God. Why because, as I search the scriptures, i find no fault in the messages. Many see the recognition, and hear the words she speak and become sceptics but the bottom line is God will use anyone who makes himself available, and many are not willing to pay that price, therefore when they see someone who will do whatever it takes, they are filled with doubt.

Teen Skin Cutter
I too have a daughter who is a cutter.I turned to her public school for help. That got me nowhere.I took it in to GOD to show me how to help her.We started every night asking how did you day go. For weeks she would not talk.Oneday she came to me crying little did I know she had been raped in Oct. this was April when she told me.Their is something hurting her so bad. Just keep the faith and just keep a open mind .She will open up when she feels she can.

Am I Too Old To Marry Her
Hi, Been there done that! I married a man 33 years older that me. We had 25 years of the most wonderful marriage a woman and man could want. We were very very happy! We loved each other and trusted each other and accepted each other and never tried to change each other. My husband passed away Oct 20,2006.
I tell you if you love each other, step out in faith and go for the joy that awaits you. Only God knows our tommorows but today we can cherish a lifetime.

I Am Lonely Without A Mate
Just wanted to say no it's not just you. There are many without a mate, I have often wondered if I was meant to be alone for the rest of my life. And I like you get lonely sometimes. I would love to find a mate for me, but some times I feel its a lost cause.

Xmas Is Same As Christmas
NO Xmas is not the same as Christmas Xmas your are leaving Christ out of the mas so to me its not the same I love my Christmas NOT theXmas

Women In Leadership Roles
If you need Biblical references, try 1 Tim, chapter three. Elders are to be HUSBANDS of one wife, Deacons are to be MEN worthy of respect,, Deacons must be HUSBANDS of one wife. In chapt2 verse 12, do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man. God gave Adam headship at creation. God made us to be soft, gentle, not leaders or dominant, but caregivers, nuturers. That doesnt mean we are incompetant.

How Has Your Marriage Blessed You
my husband is not saved. The Lord showed me how to fight the demons that strive to split us up, and He showed me how to recognise an argument (few and far between) between my husband and me, and when satan is causing trouble

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