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Once Saved Always Saved
Well, James. Did you ever have your question answered?
Why don't you ever come back and respond.

It's the shootout at the AO-kay Corral.

Oddly enough, it's the same players now as it was then. Here's how I got there.

Morgan...Earp, Frank...McLaury, Billy.. Clanton, and it was at the AO-kay Corral.

John McCain For President
You don't have to worry about, he's not going to win. He's a nice man. He's older, soft spoken, and nice. Nice doesn't win.

Hillary Clinton For President
She's not going to win. Charisma wins. She doesn't have the charisma that her husband has.
Kennedy had it, Reagan had it, Bill Clinton has it, like it or not - George W. has it, Rudy has it, Obama has it and Newt might get some.
Al Gore does not, Hillary does not, Mitt has very little.
Charisma wins, and Hillary doesn't have any.

Hillary Clinton For President
A good politician has charisma. I forgot to mention Jimmy C. does not have charisma.
It is a gift. You cannot buy it with all the money in the world. Hollywood cannot buy it for you. Like a good comedian, you either have it or you don't.
Comedians and politicians are similar. A really good one makes everyone around them look good, while they function as the straight (serious) one. Seinfeld, as an example; and e.g., Reagan, Rudy, and Obama.

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