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Predestined For Hell
Christianity is Just a religion But what determines our final destination is our Relationship with Jesus Christ.It doesn't matter how long we have walked with Christ but How deep we are in Christ.John 10:27 How deep are you in Christ? Do you know His Voice?Do you obey Him?

Are C-Sections Biblical
Don't be offended because you have no control of what has already been said by your in-law but what is controlling and contributing t that kind of a mind set.try talking to them understand the root of such mindset with a lot of maturity,. What matters most is both lives if You are safe whichever method is Ok.

Loved Ones Are In Hell
Luke 16:19-31
Gives us a brief preview of the comfort and the agony in hades ,It will be sad to see our own relatives there .But we are living in times when the word of God is being preached using all none of them will say they never heard.But we also have a responsibility to keep sharing the word of God and praying for them all and i believe the word of God will not return void

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