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A True Miracle Of God
The Lord God keeps on doing great things. PRAISE THE LORD. Such testimonies uplift our spirits and faith.

God Restored My Marriage
I don't have any advice pertaining the celebration. I only want to congratulate you on your re-marriage. May God Bless you and let no man separate what God has joined. Congatulations and God Bless.

Age To Get Married
I was 23 and he was 29. will be celebrating 9th anniversary 11th of Dec. have 3 beautiful kids. I thank the Lord for that and I think that the right age is when you feel ready and you've got the right person you've asked from God.

Stranger Asks For Money
Tell him beggars are not choosers.

Person Hurt Me In Church
Approach the person as soon as it happens and let him know exactly how you feel, "in a peaceful manner" After that you forgive and forget.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
Life of animal is in blood - life of man is in spirit. when God created man He breathed living spirit into him something which He didn't do to animals. so when animals die that will be the end.

Can't See Granddaughters
good question moderator. also agree with darleen1, something must have happened for her to behave this way - family didn't approve marriage at first, used to speak ill of her, didn't even want to see the kids at first and seeing that the couple won't seperate/devorce, they want things to change overnight. if ever there's something you did which led to this - humble yourselfs, go and talk about it and apologise. don't just switch on and start being nice from nowhere and expect her to follow suite.

Why Is Zimbabwe Poor
wait until a new government is in, then you will know what Peekay means when he says Zimbabwe is not poor.

Praying For A Good Wife
God is there and God does answer prayers and i proudly testify that. I also started praying for the right partner when i was about 18. I wrote my prayer down and i listed each and every characteristic of the person i wanted in my life. everyday i would take my book and say my prayer. I even asked for a sign.continue praying and i will help you pray for the kind of person you want. Please do get back to me and we will chat more about this. I wish you all the best and God Bless.

Praying For A Good Wife
Cheryl, i'm in support of your comment. i also did specify to God exactly what i wanted, even the appearance of the person. i even asked for a sign for me to know first time that this is the right person. i also aked God to give me 4 kidz, 2 boys and 2 girls. i've got 2 boys and 1 girl now and i've got no doubt that child will be a girl. Brother, continue with your prayers and ask for a sign so you will know first time that this is the person for you.

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