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Are Internet Churches Biblical
The Internet is simply a tool for communications that did not exist at the time of Christ. Just like any other means of communication the requires electricity. None of them are Biblical because they did not exist then. The point is that they do exist now, and how can we effectively use these resource as a tools to achieve a desirable Biblical purpose for a subset of the Christian population that is effectively prohibited more normative forms of interactive Christian worship and interactive Christian training because of logistical or other medical constraints. People want to be able to participate in the form of worship they desire and they currently can't do that.

Cyber Churches Gaining
I am only making the suggestion for people who do not have a better alternative for attending a religious service or bible study of their choice. Christians who can attend services of their preference definitely would not care for this alternative form of worship or bible study.

I was institutionalized for about 14 years until the spring of 2009 and still don't drive or have dependable transportation to attend a church of my choice. To me and other Christians in similar circumstances potentially be a viable alternative.

In general small churches can't afford to do this with in their budget constraints. So it would have to be funded on a denomination or regional level as a special missions activity.

Cyber Churches Gaining
May be we should take a tangent, and explore how the Internet and computers can be effectively utilized to have an interactive worship experience. Some of the group conferencing software might be a potential answer. Interactive exchange with graphic and voice possibilities, music where appropriate.

We might not have a true worship service but it could be possible to have small group discussion using Internet conferencing technology. Let us come up with Ideas on how to use the Internet and computers to achieve an interactive realtime worship or small group Bible study experience.

Cyber Churches Gaining
I would generally say no if you have an effective alternative.

If you are in a remote location on in a situation where you can not attend services because of logistics or physical condition it could be your only alternative.

Is The Hebrew Bible Lost
There have been many books scholarly written on the Dead Sea Scrolls, but there is a reasonable article in the Wikipedia encyclopedia on the Dead Sea Scrolls. What document fragments were found in each of the eleven caves.

Many scrolls not included in the accepted OT canon.

One important statement: "It is now becoming increasingly clear that the Old Testament scripture [content] was extremely fluid until its canonization around 100 AD."

It will help answer a lot of these questions.

Is Christmas Birth Of Jesus
For Christ to be a Jewish Messiah and the second Adam he has to be born on the anniversary of the creation of the first Adam Rosh Hashanah and he met the requirement.

Luke is very good for theology but very week for technical details. Luke was a Greek not a Jew, he was not a Christian until Paul converted him. He is weak in Jewish religious and social customs. His accounts about Christ come for multi-handed sources and are enough after the fact to suffer from significant embellishment. He does not become an eye witness to events until the later part of Acts. Luke is not a gospel, rather a long two part private letters to a Roman identified as Theophilus , The order of events and who was there does not conform to other gosples.

What Is A Soul
SOUL in Strong's Concordance from an OT reference, the dominant definition of SOUL -- any living breathing creature or animal, there are about 5 or 6 exceptions in when it is a different Hebrew word.

SOUL, Greek NT usage you are going to get a significantly different definition that is closer to the term spirit. Biblical NT writers and modern theological y writers tend to use them interchangeably to some extent.

Generally you can apply an OT definition to a NT usage, it may be expanded but the original OT definition will be one of the usages but not necessarily the dominate usage. You general should not apply any NT definition to an OT passage as the probability is very high that it will not apply.

Make Friends At Church
Making friends in a new church can at times be challenging. Try joining some of the small group activities if your church has them or the choir if you enjoy singing. That is a good way to make new friends in a new church.

Justify Celebrating Halloween
I just finished viewing the Internet site for the Neewollah Festival in Independence, Kansas one of the largest Halloween calibrations in the USA. It started in 1918 as an alternative to Trick or Treat Vandalism and has grown to a weeklong celebration with a musical, Queen Neelah pageant, carnival, band stand events, Professional Shows , Athletic Events, Art & Craft shows, a Chili Cook-off, Food Vendors, Marching Band Festival, three different parades, a great pumpkin contest and a medallion hunt each day.

Guess what all the churches in the community participate.

Halloween is what you make of it and nothing more than that.

The Clean Joke Blog
There once was a young pastor never been asked to serve a second year at any church.

He finally accepted a call from a small congregation in the mountains of Tennessee. There were no pave roads and five hour walk on a steep mountain trail to get to the community and the church. After his first year there he was overjoyed when they asked him to say for a second year. And he was feeling pretty good about his continuance.

One of the older member of the congregation took him aside saying "Up here in these mountains we area away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and it's associated sins, and we really don't need much of a preacher to serve this congregation and you're the nearest thing to no preacher we have ever had.

The Clean Joke Blog
This is one of my favorite Strategic Air Command Stories. It is oriented to SAC Combat Crew Dogs and Operations Command Post types.

There was a Major who was the Emergency Action Officer in the SAC Underground Command Post. His position as Emergency Action Officer was to Format and Broadcast Emergency Action Messages over the Primary Alerting System and SAC airborne aircraft over HF & UHF Radio. Well he got religion as a born again Christian, got out of the Air Force and went to seminary on the GI Bill. Then came back in the Air Force as a Chaplain and was assigned to a SAC Base.

He was a good enough preacher but they could never get him to say Amen. He ended every Prayer with "Break Break Acknowledge Now."

The Clean Joke Blog
Four pastors are on a lake fishing and they are not getting much activity on their lines so they begin discussing their personal weaknesses.

The first one says he enjoys having a nip of hard cider every now and then.

The second says he occasionally likes to bet on NBA basketball games.

The third says he really enjoys the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition each year.

The fourth says I am just the worst gossip and I can hardly wait to get back to town.

Were There Christian Presidents
The best thing to do is to take the time and read all of the Constitution and the Amendments for general knowledge sake.

The short answer is that there is no Constitutional requirement for the President to be a Christian, but you could always start a grass roots amendment change through the state legislatures and see how far you can get.

What Is The US Constitution
I am more concerned by a proposal sponsored by the Obama administration at the United Nations. It calls for a worldwide crackdown on freedom of speech and a mandate for nations to ensure "that relevant national legislation complies with international human rights obligations" a clear threat to the First Amendment, according to critics.

The resolution was submitted recently by the United States and Egypt.

It demands that all nations condemn and criminalize "any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence."

It would be unlawful for anyone to criticize Islam or Mohamed or any other religion in any form of communication.

How To Get People Saved
Lets get something straight, you are not going to ever get anyone saved. Since God made that determination before the creation of the world reread Ethiopians Chapter 1 again.

All you can do is inform them that they may have been selected to be in God's family and the realization my come a little earlier.

But we do not know who in God's short list so we have to evangelize to everyone.

Repentance is a result of salvation not a precondition for it.

Six Days To Make The World
Jerry6593, who said I was here to make friends, that is not why I blog here. I am here to train people how to correctly understand scripture. But some time people have been doing it incorrectly for so long that they don't want to learn anymore, and it takes some applied ventral motivation to get their attention so they can be effectively retrained.

Six Days To Make The World
Because some people actually understand Geology and Astronomy. God made the whole universe but not by any account found in scripture. If that upsets you too bad. There are numerous creation accounts found in the Bible all are different. The problem is we have many fools who try to keep God in their personal little box.

The Universe is 13 to 14 billion years old and and the Earth is about 4.5 Billion I am a christian and that does not bother me at all.

At the time of the Bible Creation accounts, people thought the World was flat and supported on pillars and the sun revolved around the Earth. We simply have a better understanding of science now. And we can better understand the magnitude of God's creation.

Women Of Contempt
God chooses whom he chooses to represent him and it can be of either sex, depending on time and circumstances. If you can't accept that, tough cookies, it's YHWH's choice not ours.

I have seen and worked with pastors of both sexes that were excellent and pastors of both sexes that should get out of the ministry because the were non-effective and never truly called to be pastors.

There was an old black minister in Mississippi had it right, he would ask the young civil rights workers coming down from from up North "Did you went or was you sent?"

Worst American President
Title 8 USC CH. 12 Sub. III Sec. 1481

(a) A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality -

(1) obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application or upon an application filed by a duly authorized agent, . . .

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