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Can Christians Drink A Beer
Bruce5656, Caffeine is listed as a drug also but most all christians drink coffee. I don't drink coffee but then I never liked the taste.

Raising The Dead In America
April, Why would God need you to raise the dead? God will take care of that at the resurection.

Gold Dust And Holy Laughter
John, Do you follow the teachings of Kenneth Copeland?

False Doctrines And Teachings
John T., Don't you suppose there were those followers of Jesus that contributed money to them. There are those that think that gain is Godliness, what about you what are your thoughts.

Are You Casting Out Demons
Sue, you say you prayed in the morning and received a check that evening. That check may have been in the mail before you prayed. If God sent you that money it sure was not for you to get high. I don't know how you could say such a thing.

Becoming Bored As A Christian
Dawn, If your growing tired of being a christian, could it be your looking back at the worldly things and not looking forward to the heavenly things.

False Doctrines And Teachings
James3:1 Be not many master's for we shall receive the greater condemnation. Seems like there are many masters (teachers) here on this site.

Explain Biblical Tithing
When Jesus and the apostol were asked if they would pay the temple tax, Jesus said yes to the apostol lest they should offend them. If you keep one law are you keeping the others also?

How To Break Addictions
Shira, Thanks for your answer but I don't smoke. I was only comparing smoking and exhaust emissions saying that autos spew more pollution into the air daily compared to smoking. Everytime we drive we all contribute to each others possible health problems. If everyone quit smoking, which won't happen, then would everyone park their cars? No way. They depend on them to much.

Explain Biblical Tithing
Jacob promised to God he would tithe but who would he have given it to?

Chewing Tobacco Or Smoking
Smoking is a bad habit, hard to break. What about all the damage done to people's health when the air is filled everyday by automobiles. I suppose the damage is greater than that of the smokers but I doubt any of you are going to park your car. How many out there addicted to riding everywhere you go?

Gold Dust And Holy Laughter
There are a lot of christians that don't have any teeth, don't see any reason to give him a gold one. SIGNS SIGNS SEEK SEEKING SIGNS

Jesus Comes As A Thief
Ramon, As they watched Jesus accend up to heaven the angels said he would return in like manner as he went up. Only God knows when Jesus will return. I've read all the scripture you can site and I lean toward Jesus's return at the end. This has been disagreed upon for a long time and it will continue to be disagreed upon just like many other scriptures are disagreed upon. Do you agree no one knows when? As I said a rapture would be 7 years notice to all remaining on earth. Just be ready.

Raising The Dead In America
John, You won't believe unless you have seen. Your not speaking of me John. I'm not looking for signs like you and Rebecca. I don't think you understand what you read. Jesus said the Jews sought after a sign, seems like ya'll are too. You two seem to need something to hold on to besides JESUS.

Raising The Dead In America
Alan G., The works Jesus did was done that people would believe in him. Even so many Jews did'nt believe. How do you know their rasing the dead in Africa? Was you there? Many people are fooled. You have joined them. Have a nice day.

Raising The Dead In America
Rebecca D., Send us a list of all those you have raised from the dead. Give names and address of each person. Phone numbers also. I expect a short list of about ZERO. If God gave such authority to men today they would misuse it.

Raising The Dead In America
Mima, God sees to our needs not our wants. Word faith movement is wants. Your reward is in heaven not on earth. The Copeland ministry has probably brought many to Christ but those who follow his teachings will sooner or later be disappointed. Hear his teachings and see if it is scriptural. I'm glad though for those that come to Christ through any ministry but many are not teaching sound doctrine.

Moderator - Thomas, please go to the Moderator Q & A blog for more info on your prior question.

Should We Pray To Mother
Moderator, Truly, there are many of different faiths here and they have different views. This is a good place to express and recieve views and beliefs of different faiths. We learn by communication with each other. It seems though you side steped my question. Is this website operated by those of the Catholic faith? Is it a Catholic website?

Moderator - Thomas, study and show yourself approved. Take the Bible Quizzes and you will have your answer in detail.

Raising The Dead In America
Linda6563, My statement was plain and straight forward. I don't know why you don't understand it. Do you believe God can raise the dead? Do you believe God has raised the dead? Do you believe God will raise the dead at the resurection? If you answered yes to these questions then why your statement. I believe at the resurection Jesus will come and seperate the goats from the sheep at the end of ages. I'm not talking about the rapture theory which was taught beginning about 1830.

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