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Husband Puts Me Down
Be sure you are being biblically respectful to your husband and get with some mature christian women in your church to minister to you... speak to your pastor and ask that the men will minister to your spouse.

Remarried In Constant Adultery
In Matthew 19:8-12, when Jesus said that people could not get divorced for any reason other than adultery, His disciples said it is better not to get married. He replied that not all can accept this teaching, but in the next verse, He says if one is able to accept it, he should.

Divorce My Busy Husband
Marriage can be hard! That doesn't mean it's time to give up on it. Be a Christian wife and mother. Is the local congregation not important to you, too? The moderator is right...get counseling. You also have 2 kids. Give them the gift of a whole home. Your husband doesn't sound like a seems like he is just not paying as much attention to you as you'd like. Get his attention.

Lost Virginity Before Marriage
If you sincerely ask God for forgiveness as a child of God he forgives you. The issue is forgiving yourself and not letting your past come back to shake your faith. I too was in your shoes and lost my virginity before marriage, and unfortunately lost it to someone whom did not cherish what was shared between us. Fortunately God brought to my life a wonderful wife who forgave me for my past transgressions and we have a wonderful family that God has blessed us with. There are still times when my mind goes back to my past and I question how God could possibly forgive me, but that's human nature not God nature. God will always Love and want you.

Apocalyptic Salad Anti-Christ
No, but you probably are.

Is The AntiChrist Physical
I think it's important to look at the 4 verses in scripture that mention "antichrist" or "antichrists". All are in 1 and 2 John. 1 John 2:18 states "even now many antichrists have arisen". So we see even in the days of the disciples there were antichrists. The word does not refer to a single end-time figure as in the fictional left behind books.

Law Keepers Are Guilty
I think your friend is a little mixed up if he/she has a problem with people who try to keep God's laws. God commands us to keep His laws, that's why they are called laws, it would be pretty silly to disregard a command of God. But he/she is right in that we are all guilty, even those who boast in their keeping of the law. We are saved by grace alone, not be keeping the law. Though, we should always strive to keep the law anyway, because it's God's will and He knows best.

Called To Witness In Bars
It seems to me that Christians should not put themselves in tempting situations on purpose. If we say that "if we dont go preach in that bar those people might not be saved" we are doubting God's power. I wouldn't assume that God couldn't save someone unless I went into a bar. There is no Biblical validation for going into the devil's campground. "...and lead me not into temptation..." You dont see prophets goig into the temples of Baal to preach.

King James Only Christian
I am not a KJV only Christian, but I trust the textus receptus that the new testement of the KJV and NKJV are based on more than the siniaticus and the vaticanus manuscripts (one of which was found in a pile of garbage outside a monestary) that the NT of the NIV and other Bibles are based on. That being said, I believe almost any translation of the Bible can be used to bring us closer to God, I would however refrain from paraphrase Bibles which are completely subject to the author's interpretation.

Should I Get A Tattoo
I think since everything the Bible says regarding marking our flesh is negative and commanded not to be done, I would say that yes it is a sin. But like any sin, God forgives those who repent. Unfortunately, the tattoos stick around after the sin's been washed away by the blood of the Lamb. It's definitely not our place to judge someone with tattoos, that is between them and God. He loves them, so should we.

Does God Want Me Married
I agree with the other Todd on this one, that is a personal choice. Consider Paul's message regarding this in 1 Cor 7:9 where he states to the "unmarried and widows that it is good to remain as he is(unmarried), but if self-control is a problem, it's better to marry than to burn with passion." (paraphrase). We also know from the garden of eden that marriage was in God's original plan and he performed the first one. :-)

If You Were The President
I just want to differentiate myself from the previous Todd, whose responses have been mixed with mine in my profile. I have no idea who reverend phelps is.

Can The Devil Counterfeit Tongues
Rhonda has the right of it, tongues in the Bible certainly does not refer to speaking gibberish. The gift of tongues was given so unlearned men (disciples) could preach the gospel to people who spoke different languages. But I believe all of the gifts of the Spirit are available today, including tongues. Just not gibberish.

Is Cutting Ones Body OK
Lev 19:28 talks about not cutting yourself or putting marks on yourself for the dead. I guess the pagans used to do that in grief. But it's not God's way. You'll regret the scars later, I did.

Is Smoking A Sin
Look at it this way, is using heroin, cocaine, or marijuana a sin? Same goes with alcohol and tobacco. BUT, it's not our place to judge anyone who smokes. That is between them and God. God still loves them, so should we.

Is The AntiChrist Physical
1. False
2. False
3. True
4. Maybe

The last comment is right about the "left behind" doctrine. It comes from a complete misunderstanding of a prophetic verse in the book of Daniel, which is part of a much longer prophecy. They chop the last seven years off of the 490 year prophecy and say that it takes place sometime in the future, some 2000+ years after the initial 483 years. Weird.

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