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Give Me the Chapter For Passage
You asking about Matthew 19:6 in the King James version.

Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Who Pays For A Date
I like going "Dutch" right off the bat. It keeps the seriousness out of it. Eventually in time, I will assume the role of payer.

Certain Families Rule The Church
You have one of 2 options: 1. Leave and find a better church or 2. Try to make an impact on others.

(2) Is a harder route. It could take years to make a difference. Or is there something God is working with you on? Just try to be the best example for Christ that you can. Stay involved in the process, don't "check out".

Guy Or Girl Should Lead In Dating
Krystal, your answer is the one I can't understand and why I wrote the question. How can you judge what a man is going to do in a relationship by one action?

Barbara, I ask about 2-3 times then I back off. Too many people today lack the character to say "not interested".

Gift Of Tongues Causes Problems
It's usually not due to a gift. It's when your being effective Satan attacks.

I've never been on board with the tongue gift. I don't see a purpose in it.

Why Are Divorced Not Forgiven
Divorce is a sin like many others on this board have committed. I will not thow a stone at this person. Remeber, one transgression of the law, you are guilty of the whole thing.

Baptized For Dead Family Member
It was Nicodemus he was talking too. The rich young ruler didn't follow because he didn't want to give up his earthly treasure.

I Want The Best Things In Life
Why do you want things on this earth? They will all pass away. It seems we are telling God we rather have things for 50 years instead on an eternity. Mark 4:19 is a good example.

Obligated To Go Back To Husband
If someone submits to God, I don't think he'd be punching his son. I would keep your distance for now.

Husband Comes Before The Kids
The last time I heard this used is when my parents got divorced and my father remarried. He would use the above statement to justify an unequal balance between my step-mother and myself.

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