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Did Eve Or Adam Sin
Adam blamed God and the woman that God gave him.

Creflo Dollar Shoting Video
His name speaks for itself doesnt it?

Satan Author Of Sin
The flesh is conceived in sin. Everybody bears the sinful life first and then the sinless. However for the spirit of satan to force the spirit of God to sin by sorceries, drugs of error or anything that is forbidden in Leviticux is worse than blaspheming the spirt

Is Mystery Babylon America
I beleive its Egypt whos trying to trade places with the true people of God and possibly parts of the of Romes-Germany/Sodom who are trying to make women pay for the sins that the men committed against them. In Daniels vision it made him sick for 3 weeks...The sickness was caused by what they did to the true biological line of God. At that time Michael the prince of your people will stand up for the people of God and there will be no time like this since the beginning of a nation

Magdelene's Seven Demons
StrongAxe-I agree that you should avoid anything that compromises your character but what if somebody forced it on you? Does anybody have the right to do that to another person?

What Are Biblical Works
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His rightousness and all things will be added unto you. (Apparently today they only add things to who they want to receive them and favortism plays a big role in it, because I have searched for the kingdom of God and His rightousness and did good works but evidentlty someone else is receiving the reward).

When Was Mary's Death
I do not believe that Mary dies as she has eternal life.

Does God Forgive Witches
If people have been forced to be involved in occults that they will receive forgiveness. If they knowingly practice it and do it anyway then they evidently cannot be forgiven. Repentance means to turn from evil not keep doing it.

What Is Holy Living
Living a holy life that is acceptable to God. Honoring the Lord in all that you do.

Anti-Christ Will Be An Alien
I believe the Anti Christ will be gang affiliated and have many horns. The horns represent gangs, cartels etc...It states that they will deceive many and thats already being done today in the world.

Gemstones Falling Into Church
I don't think it is weird, because the Bible says that many will be deceived. It states that they will go out to deceive even the elect if possible.

Does God Forgive Witches
m.p.a. Compared to some of the sins in the world mine look very small esspecially today.
I do not know if I am forgiven but I have repented even tho I was deceived by Satans collegues. I am a child of God and not Satan

Proof Of Going To Heaven
Paul was caught up into a third heaven but it does not tell you what occurred there.

Role Of Women In Church
They were both created equal in the image of God. Man has dominated over woman for centuries, misled them and kept them in sin. Women have suffered some untellable cruelties over the tyranny of men. They have dominated them to their injury.

Was Rehab A Prostitute
Leviticus it states that thou shall not marry a prostitute because she has profaned her fathers house. However, in Hosea God tells him to go marry a prosititute. Evidently some women who were hookers or possibly deceived by men were acceptable in the Kingdom of God. It also states that outcasts and harlots into the Kingdom first.

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