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Is Anger A Sin
Be angry and yet do not sin, do not let the sun go down on your anger Ephesians 4:26

It is not the anger that is sinful.

Is Remarriage Adultery
Yes marriage after divorce is a sin unless the spouse is dead or adultery was committed. However as with all sins, God offers forgiveness, grace, and mercy. He is waiting to bless you when you confess your sin to him. He can and does bless remarriage. Doesn't the word REmarriage beg the question?

Women With Long Hair
What verses do you think require a women to wear her hair long?

What Is Your Best Christian Song
~ My Redemmer Lives ~

Should One Marry If Pregnant
f.f. sounds like you are in a great position to diciple a young man to Chirst. For his sake and for your grandchild's sake.

Mormonism vs Christianity
I WAS Mormon, I AM now a Christian. (Just so you know where I'm coming from.) I have been through the endowments ceremony many times, for myself and the dead. I never could figure out how the secret handshakes and passwords were going to get me into heaven.

Is Homeschooling Better
Jim, I think you are mistaken about what I do. I am not selfishly using all my resources to attend school. I take one class at a time, over the internet, when the children are asleep. I'm not pouring excessive resources into my own schooling. Grants are available for college, but not homeschooling. Tell you what Jim, you find me a good husband that wants to support me and my 2 children, I will gladly quit my job and homeschool. I'd be glad to homeshool his kids if he has any!

Told Not To Marry Me
I would ask him, "What does God now say to you about me?" If he say's God says anything but to stay with you and love you, then he's simply making it up.

Keep in mind, God wants you to love him and treat him with respect too. I know it's hard sometimes.

Even if you're in the middle of an argument, stop and close your eyes for a second, take a slow breath, and pray quietly "God, please grant love in my heart and the strength to display it. Guide my tounge for peace."

Is Homeschooling Better
I think it's the responsibility of each set of parents to prayerfully consider the options.

I would love to homeschool. I planned my college education around diversified subject matter to prepare. It's not an option for me, though. As a single parent I can't even afford Christian school, much less to stay home and teach my kids.

I'm grateful that my children are given a free education. But I also take great care to discuss with them questionable concepts they may be exposed to.

There Are No Christian Men
Statistically, there are about 4 single Christian women to every single Christian man at church. Fortuneatley, God is above statistics.

I'm trying to figure this one out too. When you find the answer, let me know. :)

I Want A Baby
I've been a single mom for 8 years of two wonderful boys. I didn't become a single mom by choice, and I don't stay a single mom by choice. I wouldn't recommend this state by choice, it's harder than you may think to raise children alone--no matter what income level you have.

If God has really laid upon your heart a love for children, perhaps He's really asking you to volunter with a children's ministry.

37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old
I was 22 and my husband was 43 when we met,we have been married 18 years now I had two kids before meeting him and he had two kids before hand.we never had any kids together.there has been more disapontments in are relationship I that are because of are age differance and yes it seems like hes more my dad then my husband

About To Marry A Non-Christian
It's hard from me to say on this Pray for guidance, My Parents , have been married over 2o years, and My mom is saved and my dad is not. So you have to know in your heart what is right for you

Who is TD Jakes?
T.D Jakes is a powerful man of god, He teaches the word and encourage in ways people can relate to and understand

Young Women Marrying Older Men
I am 19 and my boyfriend is 41. I see nothing wrong with age in a marriage. We are planning on marriage in Jan. It is not about the finachial security either. He was in a terrible marriage 5 or more yrs ago and she took everything so I am more stable then him at this point. But we are going to build our life together and make something of ourselves and our marriage. I am very attracted to him. He is a very charming man.

18 Year Old Girl For Marriage
If you believe it right follow your heart and follow God. Pray for guidance.

Can God Save Anyone
Yes god can save anyone, no matter what your sins. Pray for guidance

Should I Stop My Divorce
I filed. It started to get physically abusive, its the verbal that really hurt. I was raised a christian. He has alot of trust issues with woman and drank often, he blames it on his mother leaving when he was 12. After we were married he quit his job and did nothing but drink. If I asked for help, he would get mean & blame it on me, "they are your bills", even to keep the roof over our heads and food on the table. I don't want to be his mother. We went to see a counselor she didn't help at all.

Boyfriend Looks At Other Girls
Chase and look are two different things. Yet they are attractive people out there but it's not right to act on it, you must be true to god and you partner in life. Pray for guidance

Boyfriend Sleeps At Ex's House
He should not do that if you two are involved, or if it gets serious between you to you go too. Pray for guidance

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