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I Want To Stop The Adultery
YOU have to STOP this now. You are going to destroy your spouse. I cheated on my husband and it was the most devastating thing I have ever done. It ruined my life, his life, and our baby that is comings life. You will regret it. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Go Home to your spouse and ask God to take away your urge to cheat. Go and sin no more....

There Is A Demon In My House
It could mean a very many differen't things. I have gone through this many times, still do to this day. Its a gift of sorts for me and hard to explain. But if this is not and has never been common for you or your wife then it could be very possible that this spirit has a connection to one of you and has something it must say or reveal before passing. Make sure before acepting it that you and your wife have not recently gone through any emotional pain or weaknes, because if so then it could be feeding from that pain and creating fear within her to continue to feed. I would also trust your instincts if ever you feel fear or discomfort it might be time to seek out help, away to clense your home, your spirit and your mind.

Husband Forgot Our Anniversary
It sounds as if you are more upset with not getting a gift, You said he gave you a hug and kiss and said Happy Anniversary before he left for work. So he didn't forget. I have been married for ten yrs as well and I am blessed to have a very attentive husband. Yet I didn't receive a gift either and that was okay with me because having him as my partner and best friend is the gift. It would seen that as christian women we are to love the person that we have been blessed with even if it means sacrificing our own emotions and thoughts about how something should have happened. yes gifts are nice but there not everything

Husband Is Mean To Son
I understand your situation, my husband was what i thought to be aggressive to our son ,but I had to step back and let God do the work . I prayed fervently for the solution to come to us. The Lord reminded me that He was in control. Now they are best buds and he just turned 13. but as for your situation if you have been in counseling and the behavior still is happening then there is something not being addressed .

How Much Should Pastors Be Paid
We've just resigned from pastoring a church that we have been at for 12 years. The one holding the money bags doesn't believe in paying a pastor. When my husband worked outside of church, he was accused of not giving enough time. When he quit other jobs, he was accused of being irresponsible when we couldn't afford groceries. Which is it?? All I know is we are exhausted and finished with church politics.

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