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Commandments From Jesus
A fool says in his heart that there is no God. Psalm 53:1

Friends With The Backslidden
Read Hebrews

Sheperding Churches A Cult
I found out about shepherding movement the hard way. I joined a church when I was suffering from depression and needed some real help. I confessed my sins to people who I thought were my brothers and sisters in Christ as it turns out they were sent by leadership of the church to go back and tell everything so the shepherd could preach about it as if it were something God Himself had told him. I no longer attend this church. I now find myself being stalked by members of this 'movement' who will not acept the fact that I do not give them authority over my life, so they have decieded to stalk and if possible deceive their way into my life to find ways to try to munipulate me.

Online Emotional Affair
Darlene, I do understand how feeling anxious is a selfish reason, however, that is small compared to all of my other reasons. Both of Wayne's replys expressed much of how I feel but I have a difficult time putting it into words like he has done so well. Complete truthfulness, open communication, dealing with our issues that 'brought' me to that sin, uniting in God's love together to overcome our issues...those are many other bigger reasons. I think the anxiety is there now because I know I am going to tell him soon. I don't want there to always be this big secret between us. Thank you for your replys.

Online Emotional Affair
Thank you Wayne for your replys. I do pray about it and am praying even more. I appreciate both of your replys and they have really helped me a lot. 'Required' is a weird way to put it, I know. I just wanted to do what was right as a Christian because if I had decided not to tell my husband I didn't want that to be another sin. Now I am trying to listen to God after I pray and wait on him. Thank you for understanding why one would write on here even when they know what to do but need other voices and thoughts to help them through it.

Online Emotional Affair
Nana, I do not have it so tightly under control. Yes I want to tell my husband but I wanted to know if I am 'required' to according to God's word. I was hesitant to because I did not want to devastate him but I need to be honest so we can hopefully work through it together as one and come out closer together. Also, it would be worse if he found out another way down the road. I want no secrets/lies between us.

Online Emotional Affair
IN response to the last or 2nd to last reply. I am not just telling my husband to ease my guilt. That is between God and I and I have repented. I cannot have this secret from my husband. It gives me anxiety every time we are close, every time he does something for me. He has said before that he would always rather know about something like this then be left in the dark. If it doesn't break us, it will make us stronger and closer. I never said or thought I would tell him for selfish reasons.

Harry Potter Movies Sinful
Harry Potter is only fiction and if people actually partake in witchcraft because of it because they find magic cool then maybe it's not such a good thing. I know many people who like Harry Potter and aren't even into witchcraft, they just think it's fiction. It isn't a sin to watch entertainment or read it, unless it influences you to do those things.

As long as it doesn't control you, you won't have a problem. What worries me is how people obsess over something forgetting about God, that is the real problem.

At the end of the day someone might read Harry Potter or watch it for entertainment but they will always have God in their lives. It's just a story people.

Who cares?

Rapture Theory Biblical
What is secret about Christ's coming? It clearly states in multiple places in the Bible (e.g. Rev. 1:7) that "every eye shall see him" when He returns. We will all be "caught up" in the air: the dead in Christ shall arise from their graves first, and those who are still alive shall follow. Where is the "secret rapture" in all that?

Marrying A Younger Man
I have married a man that is 18 years younger than me and we have a very good marriage and we communicate better than most married couples. I have been married before to a man that was only a few years older. My husband is supportive, caring, loving and acknowledges my independance. I guess the future lies in the lap of God.

Husband Left Three Weeks Ago
My husband left me at Chrismas time as well, so I know the pain and rejection you are feeling right now. It does get easier. Although it may not feel like it right does get easier. Pray alot, have faith that the Lord will do what is best for you. Focus on Him and follow His word, and things will fall into place. Trust me, I am going thru the same thing. Have faith.

My Husband Just Left Me
My husband left also, just this past friday. 1 week before christmas. I have had alot of family and friends rally around me and with the Lord's love I feel at peace. I praise Jesus for all that I do have, and for the blessings only His father has provided. I pray that my husband can see his wrong doing and come home, but only if it is God's will. I also ask the Holy Spirit to guide me to the way of hope when I start to worry or be sad. I know how you feel hun, Im there now.

Rapture Already Happened
When did the stars fall from heaven, the sun darkened and the moon not give its light? HMMM Not until after the rapture. We still have stars and the sun and the moon. Read scripture guys and understand it.

One World Church Movement
Anyone who is a True believer would NEVER accept the title of Head of the Church. Anyone who is a TRUE believer would NEVER accept the title of HOLY Father. Anyone who is a TRUE believer would say that he or she is the Viccar of Christ. Jesus is the Head of the Church. GOD is the Holy Father not the pope. The POPE is NOT the representative of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of the Church. True repentant believers are the body of Christ which make up the Church. The pope needs to repent of this blasphemous sin... as do his followers. Society needs to hear the truth. Correct?

Is There Everlasting Hell
The TRUE church believes there is an eternal hell.

Boyfriend Talking To Girl
It is best to have a good foundation which I think is trust. Tell him how you feel also remember he is with you and if that is all there are doing then its fine. Why not invite her to the movies with you for a girls night out. That will show both of them that you are not intemadated by her and that you trust him. Keep the communication alive talk to him

Can I Date A Man Again
You are free to divorce for adultery. Dating, not yet. Until that divorce is final you 2 are still married.Use this time to be married to Jesus for awhile and let him shape you.This man has cheated this much, it sounds as if you did not consult God before marrying him in the first place. So you deffinately need to let the Lord heal you of the distrust and pain you have suffered, and also pray for discernment im future friendships and relationships. Be in a close relationship with the Lord for now.

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