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Can God Heal A Diabetic
Joe, your testimony is inspiring to me as I am believing for a miracle for my 4 yr old daughter. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes fifteen months ago. How long were you standing in faith before the healing manifested? And how exactly did it manifest? I would love for you to pray for her as you have seen victory over this disease. Many thanks and blessings to you.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
If you get baptized by the holy spirit. Then yes. IF you get baptized with water. You might not. Baptism by the spirit only occurs if you have this special relationship with god.
Love others, for god loves you.

Should Christians Have TVs
As long as you do not idolize your TV. You can watch it! Same goes with any other object.
Love others, as God loves you.

Will Cloned People Have Spirits
The most truthful answer that we should all give is. We don't know. Man was not made by god to know everything. We might guess. But the answer is only known by god.
Love others, as god loves you.

Catholic Church Traditions
The theif and many others including Abraham were saved that way but show me one example of someone saved that way in the bible after the great commission. (matthew 28:16-20)

Is There A Death Bed Salvation
This is a truth that I am trying to seek, however to use the theive on the cross is not a very good example, the Great Commission is where it is first said that they must be baptized in the holy spirit and that is after Jesus had risen. The theif was the last to be saved that way.

No Baptism Then No Heaven
My G/f and I have been discussing this subject for the past few months and we still havn't figured it out, it has been causing a lot of conflict. I was wondering if someone who knew the subject well could explain why they think you do need to be baptized and justify Acts 10:43-44.

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