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Supernatural God Experience
God told me after that "experience" that I needed to fall asleep and when i woke up everything would be ok. I woke up and then then almost immediatly doubted that experience was god, i said "thats insane and im pretty sure there is no god" well i contonued to live my life the way i always did. 2 weeks later I was tested with all my promises to god, I broke them all and the moment i broke the last one i realized that was a test from god and how foolish i was

Supernatural God Experience
was raised a christain but started to realy doubt god. A day came when out of nowhere I became "temporarily insane" i guess I would put it. anyways I couldnt stop repeating "god, I am a sinner" and "this is a wake up call".. God told me if I took LSD again there would be consequences. so I pleaded with god to make this insanity stop (I was rolling on the ground in mental pain) he said ok, I am going to forgive you and and im going to check up on you in a little while to see if you listened to me.

Metal Music Good As A Christian
Hey bud, look i listen to more Christian hardcore music than than anything. My ipod is packed full of it, i listen to radio U, and watch TV U like its my job, and i'm even in a Christian hardcore band of my own. and i am more faithful to christ than ever. why would it matter how the message of God got to you, or in what sound it took, as long as it got to you. A lot of people do not understand the passion that is put into the genre and it is dissapointing that they will just lable what they dont understand as evil and digrade it. Don't sweat it man. Keep jammin :)

Name Some Good Worship Music
Jesus calture, Your love never fails album with Chris quilala, Kim walker, and Melissa how... Best music like ever! Oh and deffanetly, Ascend the hill!

Does God Restore Your Virginity
Once you have given that away you can not get it back. God forgives us and he forgets that sin, but thats one thing that we will never get back

Catholic and Protestant Marriage
I am a Junior at a private, catholic college, although I myself am not Catholic. I consider myself a Christian but do not belong to any denomination in particular. My girlfriend is Catholic along with her entire family... Im afraid of what her grandparents and parents will think when they find out im not Catholic. What should I do?... we really care about each other alot.

Eye Of The Needle Meaning
what is the literal "eye of the needle" though? That's what I'm asking. Is it a literal needle or is it the door entering a city, and if it is the city door what was the origin of that?

What Is Your Favorite CD
I gotta say either Newsboys Devotion or a personal favorite of the "christian" music "genre" if you will: TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL by Stryper! Rock on my friend. Good luck!

20 Year Old Man And 40 Woman
Would the moderator define what is natural then? I have friends where he is 26 and she is mid 50's and God put them together.

Son Wants His Ear Pierced
Wow, get a life. I have been a Christian my entire life and I have had my ears pierced for almost 2 and a half years now. This type of petty squabbling is the reason that Christianity and organized religion in general is on the decline.I am ALMOST 100% certain that God will allow even those believers with piercings through the pearly gates into heaven. He won't, however, allow those into heaven who judge people for such minuscule and ridiculous things. This type of judgment is straight up hypocrisy.

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
I suppose it is okay to continue to spank your children until they are even as old as eighteen. I know my parents spanked me and my sisters until we were. And of course either parent would administer the spankings. Even though they were always traditional bare bottom spanks over the knee or outside, there was never anything sexual about it. Part of the discipline, especially in older years, is the embarassment that comes with the exposure I think. Especially after puberty.

Ceremony To Make Anointing Oil
If using anointing oil makes one feel closer to God, then what's wrong with using it as just a surrogate, with or without symbolic significance? There's no need to always adhere to some masochist dogmatism.

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