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Must True Christians Mature
Obviously, a new Christian is not going to have the spiritual maturity of one who has been learning and growing for 50 years. Let's be real. Just because he is a baby Christian does not block him from heaven--otherwise, all would be bound for hell. On the other hand, if someone who has been a Christian for 20 or 50 years is showing a lack of spiritual maturity, then it is time for you to get on your knees and pray--pray for him to gain some maturity, and pray for yourself for possibly judging him.

Are Some Sins Worse
"All have sinned, and all fall short of the glory of God" (Rom 3:23). All sins are BAD, and while God is a just God, He is also merciful, not willing that even one would fail. It is not our place to judge which sin is "higher" or "lower" on some imaginary "sin scale." What we are called to do is to love God with all our heart soul mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourself. (Yes, I have said it before, and I will probably say it again.) If we do those things, then we don't have to worry which sin is worst.

Catholic, Protestant Or Christian
Alan said: If you are refering to the Roman Catholic church as being christian, then you must consider its doctrines and its history. This denomination has done its utmost to rid the world of Christianity and refuses, point blank, to recognise the work of Christ upon the cross.

---Alan on 8/5/08

Have you ever been inside a Roman Catholic Church? Have you ever listened to what is said during the Liturgy (Mass)? Where do you think that the Bible comes from? It did not float from the hand of God to King James in 1600. It was carefully preserved by Roman Catholic monks down through the Dark Ages, with a quill on vellum, one careful letter at a time (See Part 2)

Can I Marry A Poor Man
Why does it matter how rich or poor he is? If you love him, and live by faith, God will provide all that you need to raise children.

You didn't mention what you do for a living. If you make enough, let him make music, and you provide for the kids.

Drinking Alcohol Moderately
Someone said that they were drinking the "fruit of the vine," and that was pure, but others fermented the juice, and it led them to sin. Question: what do you get when you squeeze a grape? Answer: Wine! The natural yeasts that live on the skin of the grape and float around in the air begin fermentation instantly, as soon as yeast meets juice. Then the alcohol kills the yeast at 10-12%. My doctor has instructed me to drink a glass of red wine each night before I go to bed. I am still looking for one that I like. BTW, it cannot be the non-alcoholic wine. It must be the real stuff.

Forgiveness After Divorce
I have never been divorced, nor did my parents ever get a divorce. For that matter, my Dad didn't run out and get married again when Mom died. However, I believe that there must be forgiveness, on both sides of the issue, for people to begin healing. I once belonged to an AG Church that kind of sorted people by age and marriage status. At the time, I was single, and over 30, so I ended up in the group for singles over 30, in which case most were divorced. The pastor held "Divorce Recovery Workshops" (see post 2_

Forgiveness After Divorce
#2) and he gave out assignments to the leaders of the group for the workshop. When he came to me, he told me that I was to handle "signs." I asked to be relived of this, as I was not so holy that I could perform signs and wonders upon demand.

He meant that I should handle putting up and taking down posters and signs.

How To Become Saved
Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ gave us two commandments, "Love God with all your heart mind and strength" and "love your neighbor as yourself." If we love God fully, an love our neighbor (remembering Jesus' commentary on "Who is my neighbor?" then there should be no problem. If we also listen to what the Father said "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him" Following that, if we do the one thing that the Virgin Mary told us, "Do what he tells you to do." We should be in pretty good shape. I can't see anyone saying to such a servant of God, "Begone, I never knew you."

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