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Are There Missing Bible Books
There are many books not in included in the canon. They are books not considered by bible scholars to be infalable truth or not possibly written by first hand account. Some of those books are The Book of Enoch. And The Book of Adam and Eve.

No More Than We Can Bare
1 Corinthians 10:12

Is Obama Muslim
From what I have read I do believe he is a Muslim. I can not believe that the people of this great country would vote him to be our next president. I feel God would be displeased with us. I don't know anyone who would vote for him

Huckabee's Rock Band
Mike Huckabee is a great preacher and a Christian. The Rock band does not change who he is.

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
Do you ever ask yourselves why people think evangelicals are nutjobs? It's because you all seem so self righteous - you don't have all the answers so why attack another?

144,000 Jews Or Jehovah Witnesses
Problem with most of the thoeries here is, You say the 144k cannot be Jehovahs witnesses based on the fact most are being blind to the overall picture. ( as usual ) The reason the 144 k are all Jehovahs people is simply this, IF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT JEHOVAH, YOU ARE THEN, HIS WITNESS. That applied for Noah, Job, Moses, Ezekial.... on down to the present set of Witnesses. Short version.

Catholic and Protestant Marriage
Personally, I think it is important for both marriage partners to be of the same religion. This will make things easier when educating children in the faith. I do not think it is wrong to simply date a person of another denomination because one of you may be converted later on. But if it is a serious relationship heading towards marriage then I think that you should be the same. I wish you the best of luck with your decision and encourage you to pray and consult God on this topic. God Bless.

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