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Rapture In 2007
It's obvious that Andrea Marcia has been given a major pinch.
Here's a heads up for you, Andrea Marcia.
Regardless of what blog you dominate, when you use all of your names in succession, that's the way the blog reads. When we read Robyn, Robin, Andrea, Marcia, one right after another, we all know it's you.
When you're on the SDA blogs, there's David, Gilbert, Andrea, Marcia, Jerry all giving the same answers, a few round robin compliments and reminders, we still know it's you, Linda Smith.

Rapture In 2007
When Marcia says she'll pray for old friends, we know it's Linda Smith.
Because a brand new Marcia wouldn't know these people.

Rapture In 2007
When that ugly personality, T.S. shows up, we know that's probably the real you behind all of these names and denominational changes. I knew immediately when T.S. was gone, that she jumped into Kathr's body. Every week or two, we see T.S. I saw T.S. on the John Hagee blog, it escaped beyond Chipper's name. That is the real you.

Your Accountablility Partner
It has everything to do with this blog. Whether real or imagined, fake or fad, some of us know this person will not submit themselves to a deliverance.

Affair With My Wife's Sister
Of course marriage is not the big of a deal to you ichabod, weren't you married 3 or 4 times yourself?

Tongues In The Spirit
Four egos, same person on this one blog.
Robyn, Robin, Marcia, Andrea...

Your Accountablility Partner
There are two schools of thought, that it's all a fad or real.
But with spiritual discernment, which Susie and others have, we can see something is definitely amiss.

What Is A Christian Fanatic
A fanatic is someone with Multiple Personality Disorder, pulling religious jargon and theology out of a hat.
A person with 20 personalities that adopts each religion temporarily, expounds as if they were actually a part of it. Uses other imaginary people to argue with themselves, but compliments all of their imaginary personalities for the agreement they share.
A person that gives themselves a royal chewing out, so no one will catch one, but foams/blathers when everyone sees it.

Your Accountablility Partner
There are theories that Multiple Personality Disorder is all a psychological fad.
MPD does not occur naturally.
MPD is an iatrogenic (therapist induced) disorder, unknowingly created by the interaction of a therapist and patient.
Belief in MPD is in decline.
Persons who have been diagnosed with MPD are victims of bad therapy, but not of MPD itself.

Your Accountablility Partner
This theory believes that a therapist of MPD/DID teaches their clients to identify different aspects of their life and perspectives where they felt different moods. The therapist gives these feelings a name, have the client revisit those feelings by recalling them by name. Reifying a memory of some kind and converting it into a 'personality'." The client's moods or feelings then appear to both the client and therapist as distinct personalitys, without either of them being aware of the process.

Your Accountablility Partner
MPD practitioners note that the average person who has just been diagnosed with MPD has had a long history of involvement with the psychiatric system and had received many incorrect diagnoses in the past: schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, borderline personality disorder.

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