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How To Love Step Children
When I remarried I became mom in every sense of the word. I was divorced for ten years with a teen son. They lost their Mom to cancer when they were toddlers. It is ONLY by true surrender to God that one can love. It has not been in my own strength.I love them as if they were my own.I can't imagine how people couldn't love children that Christ has placed in their lives through remarriage.DIE to self and pick up that cross daily, quit letting the ex/deceased spouse cloud your viewpoint.I later learned their Mom had prayed for someone to love her children as their own. That was my prayer the years I was single to have the capacity to love and that the Lord would expand my heart to love any children He blessed me with through remarriage.

Drinking Alcohol Moderately
I have wondered many, many times if having a glass of wine (or mixed drink), every-once-in-a-while is a sin. I hear lots of people say that the "wine" in the bible is actually grape juice...where does it say that? If it was grape juice, why wasn't it called that? I am a Christian and I love the Lord, but if I have a glass or two of wine on occasion (on a rare occasion), am I sinning? I don't get drunk and in fact, haven't had a glass of wine in almost a year. Just wondering...

How To Get Rid Of Anger
I feel the same way! My family tells me that the tone of my voice gets really mean sometimes and that I'm hard to be around. Cuts to the bone, but I don't know HOW to "let it go". If you find any answers I would sure appreciate you letting me know.

thanks and good luck to you

How To Love Step Children
I have 2 step-daughters they are girls and their ages are 8 and 10.The 10 yr old and I are the best friends in the world.The 8 yr old is a pill.My husband only gets them 2x a year.They live in Florida,when they come to our house our rules are different then at their moms houses.It is very hard to have them and enforce the rules, because I find us getting upset all the time at them.I understand how you all feel.I do love both of them very much and I find myself just giving in on the little things.

Should Christians Smoke
When we begin our walk with the Lord he loves us just as we are he came to us, however he can't let us remain the way we were. I belive that as we walk with the Lord we get to a point and God that must take something away to fill that place in our live with Love, for me the first was the Drinking, and then the way i spoke to others around me, and then just over three years ago Nov.2 2002 God gave me the POWER to lay them down (the ciggeretts) and I haven't toched them since. All in GOD'S time.

Christians Getting The Boot
Sometimes people are stupid. I don't say this to be mean, but they are taking our freedoms away right under our nose. They take away the Ten commandments and we say "That's awful". They undermine Christian influences and we do nothing. Others say "Don't worry about it, we will continue to be good examples and preach the Gospel, that's what's important". Well HELLO this is a prelude to worse and terrible things! Don't complain when the real persecution comes because we let it happen.

My Life Is Hard As A Christian
Christ did not promise the Cross would not be heavy the hill would not be hard to clime. He never offered Victory with out fighting He said Help would always come in time. Just keep in mind if your headed down the wrong path then the devil isnt worried about you however if you are doing Gods work you are a threat to him keep your head high God is an on time God

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