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Why Do You Love God
I believe there must be a heaven and He provided a way, through Jesus, to be assured this is not all there is to life for believers.
When I think of all He did to create this earth for us to live on and all the wonderful things He created I am awed.

If everyone kept His 10 commandments what a heaven on earth this could be.

Disabled People Treated Badly
You may want to go on Google and get online a Fybromyalgia support group. There are some and you may gets some tips.
I have had this for 9 years and people do not seem to understand. My meds from a pain clinic help a lot and I quit explaining why I can't go and do things sometimes. One good thing, it is not life threatning and one has to learn to work around it. Also one can get disabiity if it keeps you from working.

Lambs Book Of Life
where is grace? throughout the old testament and into the new, God CONFIRMED what He alone had already done in the predeterminate counsel. when we trust Christ , we confirm our name and our covenant with Him, the new covenant in Christ's blood (our free will ) . we have to walk away from salvation from God's point of view, not towards it. He said of Himself....I am slow to anger, long-suffering (covenant word), etc. He gave the best heaven had to secure everyone , not just some...all are special in his sight. we need a revival of the majesty of God and His exaltation as the one who sits upon the arc of the earth and not some mediocre god of our limited and finite imaginations.
beloved, it will be worth it all when we see Jesus!!

Has God Spoken To You
I believe God has spoken to me thru my mind on several occasions. In September We were up in the attic during hurricane Ike and the water was rising almost up to the top of the doors. I was scared silly. A loud voice spoke in my mind.."Your lives will not be required of you". Just then the water stopped rising and I could sleep.

Does Christ Interceed For Us
Mima, when you're witnessing to people, do you ask them to make a confession of Christ?
If they're OSAS, that wouldn't even be necessary, would it? God's plan for them is to have their ticket ready, it's already been punched, they're in, check, check. They only way you would know which ones were the chosen ones, would to be God. Otherwise, you're spinning your wheels. Do you believe in OSAS, Mima?

What Is Christian Courtship
I think courtship begins after enough casual dating that the couple are getting serious. Then is the time to discuss the issues that may lead to a compatible marriage. How they feel about having children, how their work schedules would mesh, where they would want to live, what about church attendance, how they feel about money matters, how to spend their free time together or apart.

How To Stop Being Lonely
I am so lonely also. Sometimes my body aches from loneness. It is horrible. I am a career woman who has the exciting challenaging job. I come home to an empty house and that is it! I do not know how to move forward. I pray and I feel Jesus does not hear me!

What Would You Ask God
I would like to know where evil came from since God does not seem to take the responsibility for it. He created man but was disappointed to find man was evil.

Original Hebrew Or Greek
Recently our church had a dymanic speaker who said the work SEEK in the original meant to crave. So he talked about we should crave God as opposed to just seeking Him through church going and bible reading.

When Are You A Man
Well by Jewlish tradition 40, USA 18, that's quite a difference. In prophesy sometimes one just has to wait and see if it is true. I had a prophecy ,when he was small, that my grandson would be the president of the US when he grew up...that doesn't seem likely now he's in his 20s and not interested in politics. More important is how you and he are living now and God will take care of any rapture or resurrections in his own time.

Are There Prophets Today
One of the gifts of the spirit is prophesy. Myself I tend to dislike it as I have encountered some even in our church that were absolutely false and I don't have a clue how one would know what prophesy is true unless it happened.
You may not know this but the internet has lots of prophesy sites and some are really scary.

How Does Your Church Sing
If you go to uTube and on search...Paul Wilbur,you can see how our church worships but not on quite such a grand scale.

If Salvation Prayer Enough
Without knowing how you're presenting the prayer, I don't know the amount of success that you've had. How would any of of us really know anyway?
We aren't there.
Do you write the numbers and names down in a book?
Because only God knows if their names are in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Your actual going out among them is more than what armchair quarterbacks are doing. Lifestyle evangelism doesn't change too many hearts.

If Salvation Prayer Enough
Most people aren't paying that close of attention, live in a fast pace, trying to make a living, keep their heads literally above water and survive.

So go ahead and pat yourself on the back for making the effort to win souls.

A man convinced against his own will is of the same opinion still.
With your "in your face" style, some encounters may be saying only the words so that you'll move on. But even those have had a seed planted.

If Salvation Prayer Enough
Someone else may get to do the watering, and others may reap the harvest. A collaborative effort, all to the Glory of God. To God be the Glory, remember that part, Mima.

If Salvation Prayer Enough
Is John MacArthur your accountability partner?
Is J.M., your shepherd?
Is J.M., your god?
I would suggest you ask God and not ask J.M. how you need to think.

If Salvation Prayer Enough
If your faith can be shaken easily by what J.M. says, it's built on the sand. We can't have faith in man.

MacArthur is a proponent of expository preaching, Calvinistic, and dispensational, although he rejects some of the classic dispensational ideas. His book Charismatic Chaos argued that Charismatic and Pentecostal theology and practice regarding the "gifts of the Spirit" (healing, miracles, glossolalia, etc.) are incorrect at best and blasphemous at worst.
Who is John MacArthur?

If Salvation Prayer Enough
What's the motive for this question? Do you want to start a discussion, and we have to guess what your position is? So I'll have to guess.

Do you have faith in someone saying a sinner's prayer? Do you believe they are saved? Are you having doubts?
Do you ask these people if they are aware of sin?
Do they repent of their sin before you have them say a sinner's prayer?
Or does your prayer ask them to accept Jesus as their Savior without mention of sin in their lives?

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
If we live long enough to see it, we are moving towards the One World Church.
Many are wanting what you are wanting.
One stop shopping, consumer friendly commerce and a One World Church.

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