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UFO At Chicago O'Hare Airport
No Russian space ship, please! I know nothing!

UFO At Chicago O'Hare Airport
No Russian space ship, please! I know nothing!

What's Up Guys
I had wonderful snow storm too. But more like 2-3 feet! All snow nothing else. only tranportation > horse. goat too small.

Humor Blog #13
This Olie guy soup is stinking now? Sounds worse than Russian egg and fish soup. How you say in America, Lots a luck!

Humor Blog #12
And people say Russian food strange.

Humor Blog #12
Why chicken cross road?

They serving all hot wings you can eat, on other side.

Humor Blog #11
What's with blog now? Where is Olie man?

Humor Blog #11
What is wrong with cooking? I like western food. Why be careful? Mr. Olie, what food you cook?

Humor Blog #11
I like to read blogs. I like short name you giving me. I think I will use it. If snow was worth money I would be rich man. maybe I can make flavor ice like they do in New York City. They push small carts around and get money. Wonderful country America!

My Boyfriend Is Skinner Than Me
Go throw out the junk food in your house now.

Walk, every 5 minutes stop and excerise, jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups are free. Move your body. Do something.

Do not listen to people that say beauty is within because they are giving you an excuse to be fat, not fit.

Get fit and enjoy a strong mind and body and this will lead to a good life.

Fat is lazy. Period.

Do not fill the vessel of life with life destroying fat.

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