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I See Spirits All The Time
Your spiritual gateway is open!!!! Also, these spirits are evil and not of God. Get alone, ask God to show you how this gateway got opened then renounce the legal right the spirits have to gain access to your mind. Renounce all sin in your life, get away from all things that offend God and cry out to Jesus for help. There are people out there that can help you deal with this demon torments. Please email me for a more indepth analisis. I will help you as best that I can.

I Am Having Visions
Visions can come from God or the enemy the devil. What are your visions? Are they comming to you when you are sleeping, in prayer or during your waking moments. There are also drugs that can cause a person to have visions. Email me, I would like to help you get to the bottom of these visions. Visions from God are trying to tell you something. If you are getting visions from the devil then these are attacks that need to be verified and delt with.

Having End Time Dreams
Yes!!!! People around the world are having dreams of the dramatic events that will soon take place. Are you a lucid dreamer? My wife dreams of the future. God is revealing many things to me in dreams. I believe that as the events get closer to us in time, we will have dreams. There is a rise in our awareness and the veil that sepharates the spiritual from the physical is thining. The gift of dreaming is a prophetic gift. Ask God to reveal to you things that you select.
You will find that God will give you awnsers in your dreams. I challenge your to ask God for a specfic request. Email us and tell us some of your dreams.

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