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Early Christian Church
John- Jewish worship in the Temple was given to them by God.

In the very early days of Christianity, this worship was carried over into the beginnings of the Catholic church.

Some of these practices still exist today.

Can Christians Have Demons
Remigio- Can you explain your reasoning that a physician could be greater than Christ?

How do you know when a physician is needed?
Are you suggesting that God's perfect work must happen according to our dictates?

Early Christian Church
If you want an idea of what the early church was like, then you only have to look at the Catholic Church.

The Catholic church followed the patterns of the Judaic practices. They haven't departed that much even today.

What Is Born Again Mean
Townsen- In the original Greek the phrase Born Again, as used by Christ himself, refers to a regeneration or reformation that comes from above. This is a figurative use.

It is later suggested by the apostles writings that this is a repetitive renewing process.

It is the Holy Spirit who helps guide us in this process.

But remember, you work for the Lord not to gain salvation, but to show you are faithful.
Obedience is greater than sacrifice.

What Is Born Again Mean
Mima- The verse you refer to is Ephesians 1:13.

I believe you are focusing on the word "seal". In the original Greek, this term refers to a stamp that is open viewable.
The word "promise" refers to an open proclamation.

It is an encouragement to these believers not to be ashamed in their open confession of faith. In some social circles there was a heavy price to pay.

Once Saved Always Saved
If you are employed to do a job, and you do nothing, does the employer keep you?

Or if you do the job for awhile and then do nothing, does the employer keep you?

For many are called but few are chosen.

How To Forgive A Sinner

Specifically what part?

What Is Born Again Mean
It does not make sense to believe that being "Born Again" was supposed to be thought of as a one-time experience.

The Law that was given to Israel was to be followed everyday. The same applies to following Christ's example once we have accepted Him for what He did.

As we continually learn the meaning of Christ's death, we continually understand how important it is to be faithful.

How To Forgive A Sinner
If a man has sin IN HIS HEART, and has not sought repentance, he is not forgiven.

This is different from the man who makes mistakes but seeks perfection.

An example is King David who was a man after God's own heart.

It is natural for man to judge. We are in fact called to judge. But we are not called to seek after revenge.

To judge means to build the body of Christ while revenge is destructive.

The world says what is in your wallet. God says what is in your HEART.

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