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Idea Adam And Eve Ate An Apple
I guess it's from people who pass on stories that they have heard but not read. Somewhere in the dim and distant past someone retold the bible story and, without realising that it was important, changed the word fruit to apple. That word has stuck, but only with people who don't read the bible. Many are quite shocked when they are told what the bible actually says just as some are surprised when they hear that phrases in common use come from the bible e.g. 'the apple of his eye'.Deut. 32:10 & Zech. 2:8.

Please Explain OT Blood Sacrifices
Emcee although Christ died for All our sins it is only those who accept that they are sinners, needing a Saviour and asking for forgiveness of those sins who will actually have them forgiven. All have sinned and some just don't care. Their sins are not forgiven (even though Christ died for them). People used to sacrifice bulls, goats etc. to show they were sorry for their sins. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, no more shedding of blood is required, but we have to accept the gift given.

Can Jews And Baptist Marry
Jessa, if you marry a Jew you will be marrying someone who is still waiting for the promised Messiah and does not believe that Jesus is that Messiah.Jews and Christians have much in common but that doesn't change the fact that you would not have in common the most important aspect of your faith - the Saviour Jesus who died for you and has taken all your sins upon Himself. A Jew simply does not accept that. Pray that the one you love will accept Jesus. That is the most important issue right now.

Tithing Basket Or Donation Box
I used to go to a church where they had a box mounted on the wall near the exit. People put in to it whatever and whenever they wished. I liked that way. Where I am now they pass round a box and those who wish to watch what others give can do so (and some do!!). I don't like this way. Another way that I do like is a bag on a handle into which you can put your whole hand before releasing what you are giving. That gives privacy and is, I think, how it should be. Our giving should be in secret.

Don't Be Unequally Yoked
If he 'believes in your faith' then he is the same religion as you are. Do you mean that he has not attached himself to a particular church yet or is it that he just agrees with whatever you say? Some men do this to keep a girl but if he's not truly saved he will almost certainly change once you are married. Men who only profess some form of belief to keep a girl usually do all they can to keep her away from church later. Be absolutely sure before you marry him.

Saved And Sentenced To Hell
Not if saved means saved.

Ex-Mother-In-Law Problems
You should never have to hide regardless of who he meets in public. I think you should tell him that you will not do so and, if he insists you do, ask him if he is ashamed of you. We all have a past but we should never let it affect our present or future in this way. It is totally unfair on you.

Which Bible Is The Best
Everyone that I know who owns a NKJV and every Bible bookshop I know that sells them says that the NKJV is just the KJV with the Thees and Thous taken out. Is this a lie then?

Moderator - It is a BIG lie. I was duped at the beginning also until researching the subject in more depth. The bookstores are told the same thing in most cases. It's the publishers whom are profiting by selling more bibles. Research on the Net to see the major changes which change the meaning of the Word of God.

Science In Bible Proven Correct
The Old Testament states that 'the earth hangs on nothing' but people then thought it was held up by something. We now know that the earth is in space and not hanging on to or being held up by anything. Galaxies of stars are described in a way that scientists did not understand until about 50 or 60 years ago and so we could go on. God got it right from the beginning. Science has a lot of catching up to do.

Was The World Made In 6 Days
When people quote God as having said 'a day is as a thousand years' they forget that He also said 'a thousand years is as a day'. So instead of saying 6 days really meant 6000 years why not work out how many nanoseconds it could have taken Him instead. It's easier to accept the 6000 years isn't it? but I prefer to accept it took Him 6 real 24 hour days just as His Word says.

Marry Transportation Needs Man
Marriage is not a one sided thing. Don't marry someone who wants to marry you, or even says he's been praying about it and knows God wants him to marry you. If this is of God then God will tell you also. You will have no doubts. You shouldn't marry someone because of their needs either. I'm not sure where the transportation comes into this but the moderator and chosen to put this in the title of your question so he thinks it's an issue I presume. Can you clarify that point for us please?

Continue To Witness To Family
I heard a UK televangelist saying a couple of years ago that his family were not saved. He had witnessed to them and prayed for them for years and they did not wish to know. He had come to the conclusion that it was not he whom God was going to allow to bring them to Christ and therefore He must have someone else lined up for the job. This preacher said that he had now taken a step back and was leaving God deal with them in His time. We must never give up praying for them though even when we step back.

What Was Adam And Eve's Sin
Their sin was, as you say, disobedience. God gave them only one commandment and that was to not eat the fruit of one particular tree. There were plenty that they could eat. Eve believed what the serpent told her instead of believing God's words which would have been passed on to her by Adam. It is not a parable but there is much we should learn from it, particularly that God's words come before anyone else's.

Will We Know People In Heaven
I do believe that we will recognise people in Heaven but I don't believe that our relationships with them will be the same i.e. mother and son, husband and wife, daughter and father etc. We will all know each other as brother/sisters in Christ I'm sure. I also do not believe that we will remember lost loved ones. I feel that God will, out of love for us, remove all memory of them so that there will be no more tears and sorrow.

How Many Animals In The Ark
See Sue's question 'Explain Noah's Ark to me' just a few below yours on this list. There are a few answers there already to get you going.

Need To Know Jesus For Heaven
I believe that we will be judged according to our knowledge. I do not believe that God will send to hell someone who NEVER EVER heard of Jesus. I do believe, however, that no-one is without excuse because nature itself shows God's handiwork. I believe those who choose not to believe in God as Creator of all things will be disowned by God. If they have not wanted Him in any shape or form in this life it would be fair to think He will say 'why should you want to be with Me in the next?'

Katrina Victims Getting Big Money
All I've heard here in U.K. is that everyone will be given $2,000 dollars initially which doesn't sound much at all. However, I can't imagine anyone, even those 'working fools' being jealous of people who have gone through what these people have gone through. I'm quite apalled at the attitude of some of you on C.N. towards these people who have lost everything, yes, even their SHACKS.

Do We Serve The Same God
The God of Christians and Jews is the same. Muslims would say that they worship the same God also but I disagree. They make such claims for their God that he (little 'h') cannot possibly be the same one that I worship.

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