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Break Ten Commandments
What I find so strange is that the same Christians who fight for the right to keep the Ten Commandments in public places from being taken down by unbelievers often say and live like the same Commandments do not apply to them.....

Break Ten Commandments
The issue is not which one a person breaks, since the whole Law to include the others and YAHUSHUA's(detailed teaching about TORAH) is summed up in two Love YHVH with everything we have and Love your neighbor has yourself.

When you've broken any you've broken these two commandmants, thus the whole Law. One cannot sin without tresspassing the Law of YHVH. If we disobey the Holy Spirit, we've just broken the Law because He is the Spirit Torah that lives in true beleivers.

Therefore, walk in living repentance and allow the Holy Spirit to conform us to the image of Messiah(Christ).

Who Are Lost Sheep Of Israel
Funny story, but I heard that some of the Northen tribes may have been dispersed to America and other parts of the world. I heard that a stone bearing the ten commandments was found in Mexico.

I have read that many African tribes may have common words that go back to HEBREW. The kingdom of Cush was a very large kingdom that stretched to CHAD. Many Hebraic and Abrahamic beliefs like the Mideonite brother in Law of Moses and his wife.

Obviously other reports they went into Europe and who know where else. All I know is that the Gospel of Jesus (Yeshua) must reach all of them weherever their generations went.

The False Doctrines Blog
Ancient Gnosticism and Babylonian Eastern mysticism cloaked as Jewish and Gentile teachings are a just a few. The same ol players have changed the names like the idols did.

Enoch's Writings Missing
There are various books that should have been in the Bible, but many Greco Roman Bishops in charge at the Councils were anti-Semitic and feared the Jewish traditions. At the "same" councils they outlawed SABBOTH and instituted Pagan mixed holidays.

They excommunicated anyone still keeping the Jewish ways. Later protestants took out other Books, just as valuable. Yeshua(Jesus) quoted from Enoch. Even Jude referenced it.

Bible States No Christmas Trees
I think the issue here is replicating Babylonian paganism which as the anti-christ child (Nimrod) reborn. His wife (Queen of Heavan) started alot of these customs. They refelect the anti-christ return like Nimrod. (pagan one world mixed religion). These pretty customs have human sacrifice and profane sexual meanings behind them.

In NT Paul preached against idol worship lifestyle in Acts 19 & 2nd Cor 6: 13-17. 1 John 5:21 warns us to avoid idols.

Many are unaware of this because the Roman church mixed the early church traditions and Christians have been confused since then. Jesus did celebrate HANNUKH on the 25th John 10:21-22. It warns of the anti-Christ.

Is Satan The Cause Of Sickness
It can be from our own actions or some one elses. Sometimes a generational curse. A family member can pass on, spritual, mental physical disorders and diseases. In any case Yeshua came to destroy the works of the advesary.

Christmas Trees Are Sinful
The Western Oral traditions of the Church are mixed with "BAAL" worship, the same thing that caused the Northern tribes to be judged by God. Paul warned the early Christians of the same things, 1 Cor 10 chapter & 2 Cor 6:13,14. The church keeps having reformations to get back to the early church model. Why? The later Church was taken over by Babylonion mystery pagan religions celebrating Nimrod future anti-Christ. Yeshua(JESUS)is the only Son of God, not Nimrod. God called Isreal "out" of them to be set apart. He called His New Isreal out from Babylon. This stuff was passed down to us from pagans and mixed into the Christian faith. People have settled into "tradition" not God's word.

Church Outreach To The Poor
If your going to preach tithing, then they'd better preach the "2nd tithe too."

Obviously King Jesus Christ wants us to take care of the poor and needy-Matthew 25. He reminds Israel, just as God did in OT-obediance is better than sacrifice. Take care of the needy before you praise Him. That is love and faith.

Is It Jesus Or Yeshewa
I must say there are some people whom done their homework on His name. What have read about the J sound of His name? I read that there was no J sound until the middle ages. It was always pronounced with the Y sound.

I don't think it's foolshness to get understanding and grow in education of our savior. It's what we are supposed to be doing. I do agree-know Him personally.

Should Christians Judge
Mike-I've been through worse, yet I forgave them. this is precisely the problem. Lack of love and respect for Christ's words. If people would judge themselves, they would not be judged by God. Deception is part of the whithorseman's tactic on Christians Matt 24.

The only way to ensure your're not is to obey Christs commandments and pray in His Spirit. We know we know Him because we keep His commandments. (1 John 2:3 and 3:22)Take care.

Churches Don't Teach Sin
Christ did not and does not condone sin. He loved us enough to obey His Father to die for us. Anyone loving sin and rationalizing outside of sound Christian doctrine which warns against continuing to practice a sinful lifestyle is not following Christ.

There are legalists and liberal Christians, whom are both are in trouble with God. We should all seek to mature in Christ's love,not abuse it.

Obedience Brings Blessing
Obediance brings pain and blessings in God's plan. He did not create a Home and Garden religion.

Duane-Obviously, we need to Obey God as Christians. Anyone teaching that we should not obey God or Christ's instructions is teaching Anti-Christ doctrine. Head faith is expressed in love actions toward His commands. The white horseman is riding,for sure these days.

How Did God Create The Planet
Mike m- You write in alot of big greco Romanized sophist words. Do you have an intellectual and emotional understanding of the quesiton from a faith perspective? If so what is it?

Churches Don't Teach Sin
Duane-I see your point, but we cannot stop there at the sin bearer. He does not want Christians to fall back into sin or get caught in Satan's trap because they get sedated with your single message or have no definition of sin. There is real world with consequences, not some dream world.

We think that we do not have a responsiblity to live righteous through the Holy Spirit's power. We all must develop the fruit of the Holy Spirit and avoid its definition found in Gal 5 chapter.

I Struggle With My Marriage
Has your wife and Yeshua-Jesus released you from marriage? Are you afraid to face correction? If she forgave you by Biblical standards, A true Christian will submit to restoration Christian family counseling. Snap out of it, Get back on the narrow path. Use the rest of your life for Jesus Christ. If you repented forgive yourself. Submit to your wife and Christ. Defeat the advesary's plan to destroy you with lust. Overcome bro. Don't you want the crown of life?

What Does Repentance Mean
4. We should let the Holy Spirit change us and sanctify us-Galations 2:20-21.

Our duty is obey God and "turn from sin" and believe in Jesus Christ death, butial and ressurection. Acts 2:38 This is how to be saved with repentance. (Luke 24:47/Mark 6:12)

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