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Black Woman Wants White Man
You state that you are a Christian, and as Christians our minds are to be focused on Christ. (Isaiah 26:2-4). If you are putting Christ first in everything you do: consistent pray, church attendance and bible study, things will come together. However, you also have to be mature mentally, emotionally and financial to be in a serious/romantic relationship, otherwise it wont work.

Your best bet is to be specific in telling God what type of man you want and then let it go. God wont forget what you tell him or the things you do for him. Concentration on pleasing God and he will give you the desires of your heart in Psalm 37:3-5 when hes ready.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
It is so quick to point fingers at the Pastors Wife and many donot pray or fast for her. A Pastor's wife does a tremendous job supporting her husbands ministry and many women love to criticize and not help. God has equipped her so that she can run things because it is some women in the church who do nothing but complain and sit back so things will fall. May God be her helper, until the Lord send Laborers. Women do run the church and should not run the man of God. I see a strong marriage, and the Pastor should support his wife. If she does nave help, cancel the program. She is a overseer.

From a Pastors Wife

Fiance Borrowing My Money
Sweetie, the Bible says to help those in need but it also says, "be wise as serpents but gentle as doves." Sometimes you have to tell people "no" gently. I know it's hard to do but sometimes they need to learn to manage their own money and if you keep helping them out, they will never learn that. You're a good Christian, and you have to learn to use your money wisely also.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I have been married to man for 9yrs who exhibits a narcisstic behavior. I feel like I have married Satan himself. It has been a constant rollercoaster ride since we've been married. I keep tellimg myself it's going to get better each year. I have seen minor changes but the strife and contention remains. I like peace and harmony and it is difficult to have this with this type of person. I have asked God for provision and strength on what to do. I feel like throwing in the towel and begin a new life with our 2 kids. I never envisioned having a marriage like this. Please help!

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
I think if you can avoid bankruptcy at all cost do it. Christians should learn how to be better administrators of their blessings from the Lord. I had a 20,000 debt and the Lord put it in my heart to call my creditors and ask them if I could pay half of the payments till it was all paid up. 99% agreed and it took me two years, but I paid back all my credit cards. That's my take.

Disagreement With Church Rules
If the statement of faith is Biblical then we follow, however many churches are called to do different things within their community. Unclear about what you mean "statement of faith". Born-again, washed by the blood of the lamb, spirit-filled, etc. is what matters.

I Want To Become A Christian
First of all being a Christian is being Christ-like. What did Jesus do when he walked the earth? Did he go to the synagogues? Did he fast? Did he pray? Did he fellowship with his brethren? Did he heal the sick? Was he compassionate, loving, kind, considerate? What were his conversations based on? Maybe you should pray and ask the Lord to lead you the place where he would like you to be. But see how Christ was and you will be as He is.

Correct Pastor During The Sermon
What would Jesus do? God is love, so would He embarass him in front of others? Pastors are not perfect. I think if you approached him it would help him. Maybe you should say, "Pastor I know what you said, but the Bible says this about that and I wanted to know if I am misunderstanding what the Word is saying." I know if he is a man of God he will receive it. If not, and you are correct in what you said then maybe along with praying for him, ask the Lord to lead you elsewhere.

Asking For Money At Church
Non believers and babies in Christ do not understand this teaching and like the Word says you can't feed solid food to those who are on milk. I think it would be wise to have a separate discipleship class given to those newcomers where this teaching can be explained. Plus I would not ask for money around non-believers it's not the way to do things. The first century church had all things in common amongst themselves and by their testimony the Lord added to them daily. That's my take on this.

I Am Getting Married
Expect there to be differences in each other about the way you see things and do not take it personal when your spouse does not see it your way. Sit down and discuss all things and present them to the Lord together. Let the Bible be your guide on all issues, refer to it often and your marriage will last a life time. Congratulations!

Tithing Gross Or Net
I give a tenth before taxes. God only ask for a tenth of whatever you make and if the Lord touches your heart to give an offering then you do it. But usually 90% of your income belongs to you. Pray and ask the Lord to guide you in your giving.

Walk By Faith Is Impossible
When a baby begins to walk it's normal for him to stumble as is not steady enough or has strength enough to hold himself up. You are a baby Christian and the Lord will have patience with you. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. The more you read your Bible, the more your faith will increase and the more you will have willpower to follow Him correctly. So don't condemn yourself. Pray, read the Bible and spend time in praise and worship. Welcome to the family of God!

Miracle Healing Services
The proof is in the pudding. If these same people can testify to the fact that they are healed then what does it matter if someone blows on them or touches them or does not touch them? If it's done in Jesus' name then it's the real deal. Jesus once told his disciples not to worry about those healing people using His name because if they were doing it in His name they could not be against Him.

Is Gambling A Sin
The Bible teaches us to be wise managers. If the Lord blesses us with an income how can we spend it on something that is not sure. Where in the Bible do you see anyone gambling away their money and Jesus approving of this? If it's not in the Word, don't go there! If you want to invest, invest in other things that will bring interest to your money. Or better yet give to missions, i.e. hungry, poor and sick and God will bless you 100 fold.

Don't Want To Come To Church
Don't take it personal. Let them know that if they ever want to come out to your church that you are more than willing to pick them up or give them the address. Lead by example. Your testimony will make them curious about your walk and give them the desire to be where you are. Pray for them by doing spiritual warfare. Never look down on them for not accepting your invitation. Love conquers over evil.

Catholic Stations Of The Cross
I came from a Catholic background also. I have been born-again 29 years and with all respect to Catholic's I don't miss any rituals that went on there when I attended. If it's not in the Bible, I'm not going there. Now there are many reformed Catholic churches known as charasmatics who are born-again but I do not know if they follow this tradition. So just be careful, o.k.?

Surviving Adultery Alone
God forgives all who come to Him asking for forgiveness. Now question is, have you truly forgiven her for her adultery? It's normal to feel betrayed, violated and backstabbed by someone who has claimed to love you and commited adultery. But if you have chosen to stay with this person, then you have to genuinely forgive and forget. Never bring it up again and when satan tries to invade your thoughts with this incident rebuke him. It's hard, but you can do it.

Strengthen Our Faith
Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. Read your Bible thoroughly. Meditate on it's wisdom. Pray, praise and worship the Lord as much as possible. Ask the Lord to reveal His word to you and speak to you in it and also in dreams and visions. Spend time alone with Him.

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