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Friends With The Backslidden
It's hard to maintain a close relationship. The friend who chose to leave God must understand that when he chose to leave Gods will the blessing of godly friendships goes with that. There's no longer that common love towards God in obedience and the friendship that sharpens one another to live for Christ. When we backslide we are enticed by our own desires/lusts and give into them, so we break covenant with God & God's people. This doesn't mean if you see your old friend that you cannot speak to him about the love of God again or encourage him to get his heart right with Jesus Christ. I believe that would still be our obligation. Your friend once lived for God
, he knows what to do or who to go to for forgiveness and restoration .

Does Prayer Change Things
I do not think so.

Remarried In Constant Adultery
Remarried people do not live in constant adultery, that theology doesn't work in real life. Jesus was saying that the act of divorcing a spouse (especially in order to legally marry someone else) is adultery, in the sense of treachery. Many will try to assert that 'commits adultery' is in a continuous present tense, but it is not and cannot be, in line with the 'divorces' and 'marries' (neither of those are continuous tenses 'keeps on divorcing' 'keeps on marrying'!)

Wife Having An Emotional Affair
My opinion is that an emotional affair is just as serious, if not even more so than a physical affair. Once the heart and mind are involved it goes way beyond physical If she has apologized and wants to move past this I think you should agree together to make this a serious matter of prayer and seek complete reconciliation. I will pray for you both!

Can Ladies Wear Pants
The Bible says we should do all things decent and in order. If it is adopted of your church that women aught not wear pants than so be it. If we dishonor the church rules we dishonor Christ. I no longer wear pants. It was a process. I began just not wearing them to church. Then not wearing them in public. Now not wearing them at all. Christ spoke to my heart.I have not worn them for several years. If we love God we will obey his word. Hence - doing all things decent and in order. All churches have a set of rules and standards that they go by. As christians we must follow those rules. In addition " Wife be submissive to your husband" Beleieve me God will bless you abundantly for doing so.

Do Women Dress Appropriately
It's just totally inappropriate to "under dress" in any fashion that you choose to interpret the word in God's House of worship. It's disrespectful. Grow up, and get dressed properly which means thoroughly and neatly. Don't go to church and distract others. Get over yourself.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
I disagree. You may have trouble with temtation, but it doesn't mean others can't exert self control. My priest has NEVER acted inappropriately. He has been an invaluable presence in my life. I would not benifit spiritual as I have if others were present during our meetings.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
What is WoF?

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
He's a MAJOR CUTIE. That's how he rakes in the dough. He is no pastor, however. Just likes to pump people up so they, in turn, pump his wallet up. I do likehim, but not in a pastorial way.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
I agree. Pastors are bery intelligent for the most part, and I bet they sense if there might be a problem with a particular counselee, and would act accordingly. I am a woman, I have been meeting with my Pastor about once a month to talk about various issues in my life. I would not be comfortable AT ALL if he were to leave the door open. He is very attractive and so am I, but he is a PRIEST. And that's where THAT ENDS. I could never fathom anything other than appropriate behavior especially while in his company. He has been a tremendous help to me. I don't know what I would do without him.

Do Women Dress Appropriately
I think woman should remember that priest are MEN, and that dressing provocatively is cruel and just NOT necessary. Give these guys a break. The aren't showing up to you Pole dance, and there just aren't DANCING poles in God's house of worship. Put some cloths on, and show respect!

Marrying A Non-Believer
Pray for your sister. Lord knows she need prayer. I married an unbeliever and went through hell. October 1 is 8 years. I married this man although I was warned by God not to. God word tell us that we should not be unequally yoked- this includes marriage, friendship, business partners, etc. If God did not want animals that were not alike plowing together, how much more his children. If she marries this man it is as though she is saying yes I love sin and I want to make the emeny ruler of my life.

The Spirit And Soul The Same
The Scripture seperates the spirit, soul and body, therefore they're not the same. (Read 1Thessalonians 5:23) With your spirit you contact the spiritual realm, w/your soul you contact the intellectual and emotional realm and w/your body you contact the physical realm. When we accept Christ our rebirth is "spiritual" its not a mental or physical experience. The more you are lead by the Spirit, the more Christ like you become in your soul & body ex. your emotions and reactions to physical things.

The Spirit And Soul The Same
Also, Hebrews 4:12 only the Word of God can divide between the soul and spirit of man. Some other Scriptures James 1:21, 1 Peter 1:22, Psalm 23:3. I am sur ethere are otheres

The Spirit And Soul The Same
Also, Hebrews 4:12 only the Word of God can divide between the soul and spirit of man. Some other Scriptures James 1:21, 1 Peter 1:22, Psalm 23:3. I am sure there are others as well. These just jump out at me.

Offended By Women Pastors
Jhonny, In all things we are under the authority of "someone". We are to discern all that we hear by the Word of God. If the two do not line up, go with God. Personally I am under my pastors authority and he leads me by the Word not personal thoughts or feelings. We always ask for Gods guidance and direction. I just would not step out from under that covering.

Offended By Women Pastors
Wow what a question. As a female, I do have a problem with women pastors. Why? Well GOD made man to be head of the woman and I feel that a man should be the spiritual leaders at home and church. I have heard awesome women speak, but they did it under the authority of her pastor. I have been asked to speak several times and I always go through my pastor for his wisdom, guidance and prayers. I want his spiritual covering over me and his blessing wherever I go to speak.

Demoninations In The Bible
Man created denominations. Its one thing Satan uses to divide Christians. You have the church of Christ, which is not a denomination but the body of believers. The Day of Pentecost has nothing to do with the Pentecostal denomiation. Denominations are ALL man created! Thats why you see so many non-denominational churches.

Can Women Be Used Of God
Do you believe a female believer can receive revelation knowledge of the Scriptures? YES, Eph 1:16-20 Paul's prayer that you might want to start praying for yourself. Do you believe a woman's spiritual calling is as important? YES, any calling that God has placed on your life is important & God does place callings on women's lives. Does God use females equally in His plans and purposes? YES, as a female I believe I need to be under the authority of my pastor and that I am in the will of God.

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