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Lead Him In A Sinner's Prayer
Jack, so glad you're back. You were missing for a few days.
I thought the multiple shell game was getting to you, wearing you out.

Can We Kill Our Enemies
Jack, who is using your name? It was clearly not you.

"I'm not in favor of the war in the middle east. I said at the time it would NOT be good for [American] in the long run.

To say it's a "Christian" [think,]however, is totally missing the point.

I really see no point in [tring] to figure out what is the question you're trying to ask here [to] I can answer it, because it sounds to me like you have your mind made up.
---Jack on 8/31/07"

Raised From The Dead
Jack, someone else must be using your name.
All of your recent replies do not read or look like what you usually post.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Jack, MikeM. must be using your name.

"The real question is whether Protestants and especially pop-evangelicals are truly Christians.
---Jack on 9/5/07"

Your Orthodoxy view really did work for you, for a very long time.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Jack, it's so clear to me, why there are certain people that you humiliate. Some of it is jealousy and some of it is that old MikeM. tenor.
MikeM. a man and woman of many faces. But most of them are nasty.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
If the main culprit for all of these names were to fall by the wayside, we could probably count on two hands the actual number of bloggers on this site.

Why I Should Sell Evil Music
No you should not sell them. I am a fan of heavy metal, and I mean truly heavy stuff. Im also a metal musician myself. Music is entertainment, and my musical taste has not compromised my devoution to God.

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