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What Is a Spiritual Delusion
Trav said: "Almost agree with you Cluny...but, the writer could have used the word "Spiritural". Holy Spirit cannot be deluded, so what kind of spirit? Not mentioned, doesn't apply."

I don't think the writer was speaking about the Holy Spirit, but rather I think he was speaking of people who can get so messed up, so misled by the enemy that they believe that they can only do God's work, that anything they do, no matter how carnal is God's work. They can even come to believe that they are one of the few "elect" that are going to heaven, and all the others are damned. Rasputin was in spiritual delusion.

Men Wearing Earrings Biblical
In the Old Testament, we are told that if a slave loved his master and did not want to go free, his master could take him to the steps of the temple and pierce his ear with an awl, and the slave would be a slave of love to his master. Why should men who love God not have their ears pierced to show they are slaves of love to God? Ex 21:6

I Want A Traditional Church
Eloy said: Some changes are good, like moving from candles and fans to elctricity and air conditioners, but other changes like allowing worldly music and sin to pollute the sanctuary is not good>>
Ah, but Eloy, what tradition is good, and what tradition is bad?
Rather, you should look at the Traditions of any of the Pre-Reformation Churches, and you will see that the Gospel is read and preached at all of them, You will see evangelization and chatechesis at any of them

Can We Exorcise Ourselves
If a demon is coming against you, then before he can get a foothold, you need to be prepared. How do we prepare ourselves? By prayer. God has told us that we will be able to step on snakes and scorpions and they will not harm us. Why can't they harm us? Because we've been out in the desert, walking on hot sand and rocks, and our feet have gotten really tough.

What Should Be Posted
Eloy said--I have been born-again and sanctified and spirit-filled and gladly ministering the gospel from Christ with signs following for many years. --

What signs, Eloy?
Stop? Yield? Merge Left? I would like to know!

Is God Male Or Female
God is both masculine and feminine. However, Jesus is gender specific Male, and the Father is the Masculine.

The custom among most Christians is to use masculine pronouns when referring to Him.

However, there would be no feminine if God did not contain it. But as God is all in all, He holds both feminine and masculine parts.

And no, I don't want to get into an argument about whether the Holy Spirit is female. The Holy Spirit is just that, a spirit.

Was Jesus A Ferilized Embryo
Jesus was born of a woman. Yes, God used Mary's ovum, so that Jesus could be both fully human as well as fully divine. In the sayings of one of the Apostolic Fathers, "Jesus borrowed flesh from Mary so that He could suffer death."

Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandle
Someone said, "Christian kindnesses are not always positively received. It sounds like, "give them an inch, and they will take a yard from you"

Cluny said, "** the pastor has the full right to use the Peter liberties**Isn't that exactly what this scandal is about, Eloy?"

[ROTFL] Cluny, you are being too cute.

Reward Of Those Saved
Try Luke 17:7-10
If we receive just the Crown of Life, it is more than we deserve. As all of us have sinned, and fallen short of the Glory of God, we should only be told "Depart from me..."

I personally will be overjoyed to get the same pay as the servants that have labored in the field all day, while I have only come in at the last hour.

Are Choirs Biblical
Geraldine said: "I believe our senses of smell, sight,hearing and taste can easily lead us away from the invisible God made knowable in our hearts and minds by the Holy Spirit."

Careful there, Geraldine. Thomas Aquinas said something similar, and was silenced by the Pope.

Also, one who thinks this way treads close to Gnosticism, which claims that the physical senses are bad, and one can only come to God by "special knowledge" imparted by God to that person.

Does God Hear Sinners
Obviously, God hears a sinner's prayer. We are all sinners. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Rom 3:23)

Now, if all have sinned, it is a sure thing that God hears the sinner.

Some will say, "but I am saved!" But the truth is that unless one has stopped sinning completely (and I don't know anyone who has, especially me) then one is still a sinner.

Can A Priest Be Called Father
trey said: "Even the word Pope means Father. It means Papa. The Catholics belive that the Pope is their intercessor or go between between them and God, but the scriptures teach that Christ is our intercessor/daysman/advocate."

It is obvious that there is a misunderstanding about the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.

The Pope is not intercessor for Catholics. Rather, he is the Bishop of Rome, and the stopping point for all disagreement between Catholics. He is also the spokesman for all Catholics on the world stage.

Fate Of Isolated People Groups
Cluny said: "Should Christ say to him, "Come over and give Me a big kiss!" will you be offended?"

Not me! If God gives me His mercy and grace, why am I to complain if He also gives it to the worst scoundrel? It is like the parable of the workers, where some labored all day, and some worked only one hour, and yet each got the same pay.

If God chooses to show mercy upon some Buddhist, or even Moslem, who has loved his neighbors more than he loved himself, and has prayed without ceasing, showing true love to God, I am not going to stop Him from being merciful. Rather, I will glory in God's love, that He took sheep from another fold as in John 10:16

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