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Husband Is Too Old For Me
bambi ... In your question you complained about being trapped in a sexless marriage.

Now You say you're not sure you want to marry or even date again.

Surely there is some inconstancy there?

Best Church Denominations
"your (Orthodox) denomination came from the Roman Catholic Church".

The reverse seems to be the case.

Was I Blaspheming
Eloy ... So you presumably don't believe the Bible when it says that only Jesus was without sin

And you don't pray the Lord's Prayer, which Jesus told us to pray, which asks "Forgive us our sins"

And you beleive you are the equal of God, in that you can send people to Hell

Demons Fill My Mind
Cartin .. Can you answer me?

How We Get Saved
what does get baptised mean?

Have You Seen God Heal
Maybe you should come over toi africa or Asia wher it is so normlal we even forget to tell them again.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Leslie ... 'You are NOT reading the Bible if you do NOT see the word Rapture. It is in there'

Where? Which Bible version?

The word certainly does not appear in the KJV.

Give us a clue as to where we should look for this WORD.

This War End Time Prophecy
Leslie & DDM .. There have been wars ever since the Fall. More recently, look at the history of Europe (I suggest Europe, since Europeans have had centuries of the ability and will to kep records of history) and you will see centuries during which many wars caused destruction of nations.

Mima ... 'The Scriptures also indicate that the United States will step back and stop supporting Israel and this time could come about as soon as Israel and Iran begin to fight' Where is the USA merntioned in the Bible?

I Hate Christmas
Rhonda says "if you stood for Gods Truth you would not become emotionally charged when I post Truth"

But Rhonda gets emotionally charged when she condemns those who disagree with her

"christian smugness"
"self professing christians flaunt their idea of their own salvation as they gleefully sit on their own pedestal justified in their own selves"
"it is always those who HATE Gods Truth who are least humble wallowing in their own self appointed self righteousness believing their salvation is secure"

Is It Possible To Not Sin
MIC ... "Practice makes perfect"

But you have only been able to quote two who were perfect, and the first of those blew it, and it led to us being imperfect.

We should strive to be perect and repent of not being perfect.

Although we are not perfect, God will regard us as so when we meet Him, face to face. That's what Jesus did for us.

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
MIC ... The question I ask, is surely simple, and honest, and if answered would lead to greater understanding between us.

I beleive I am bound to & by the Ten Commandments in the same way as you are, no more, no less.

I can't think of a single Commandment which I am required to obey to a lesser or greater extent than you.

Please enlighten me... what is the difference in the way that you as a Catholic, and I as a Christian are bound by the Ten Commandments?

I Have Lost Everything
Ron is now in touch privately with two guys who will try to help him. His talk with them should be confidential

Unless Ron wishes to report back, let it remain private.

Is It Possible To Not Sin
MIC & Mima ... I think the answer lies between your two views

Mima ... You do sound as if you are saying what MIC suggests that you can sin as much as you desire, and still be forgiven ... but you do not mention repentance

MIC ... I don't think with the best will in the world, we will ever stop ourselves sinning. We should do our best (and not just say it does not matter because I am saved anyway) but we will still fail and that is where the repentance and God's forgiveness comes in.

Is It Possible To Not Sin

I don't understand psyco-babble!

May I ask again? ... "Can I ask you whether you now live an life unblemished by any sin?"

Thank you for your honesty

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
Mic ... You continue to evade the question ... You said that Christians attitudes to the 10Cs was not the same as Catholics' attitudes. Please give the differences.

Maybe Catholic-haters was strong ... but you judge that all non-RCs have extreme and unfair hostility to the RCC. Why will not not acknowledge that is not the case?

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
Mic Actually. you have never answered the question ... notice the word "why"

"why on occasions you refer to Christians as being different from Catholics"

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