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Fiance Isn't a Strong Christian
I wouldn't say you shouldn't marry him, but maybe you should make the engagement a little longer. He should grow a lot more in the Lord before commitment to you.

Christians Are Giving Up
The Bible does talk about a great falling away.

Getting An Inheritance Soon
I agree with ---Steven_Andrzejewski. sounds like the perfect plan to me

Judgement Day On May 2011
Moderator, You are right, nobody knows the day or hour, but we can know and Jesus commands us to know how close it is. The year in which they talk about is 2012 December 21st. The history ch. is who said it, and many others have predicted it as well. I don't know when it will happen, but it will happen and I believe soon. Look Up, for your redemption draweth near.

Wets His Pants During Spanking
You need to remember that he is little, he can't hold it like an older child. Please be very careful when spanking your child. I believe it is better to use the very end of a belt to spank with, and not beat, but spank. Why? because you are less likely to hurt them on the inside. I would take a belt and roll it up to just 3 or 4 inches. Especially if I am mad.

Is Mystery Babylon America
I don't believe its America...
this is the answer I found from KJV Defenders notes

Babylon was, indeed, a magnificent city and considered the most beautiful in the ancient world. Located along the mighty Euphrates, it covered at least six square miles, contained great walls and palaces, and its hanging gardens are recognized as one of the world's seven wonders.

Husband Texts Old Girlfriend
Debbie, are you kidding, he told you to get over it and deal with it? and you need advice on what to do? well here is mine. He is cheating on you, if not physically, then mentally. I think you should deal with it too, by telling him to stop or he can leave. Now thats what I would do, but its your life. If this is the kind of marriage you want, then do nothing, and let him keep talking to her.

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