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Daniel The Prophet
man will popularise what they feel is important for them. Yet before God all the prophets were important. note the difference between how man and God reason, man looks at popularity, God looks at importance. Make a point of reading about all the prophets, they each had a unique calling and message that is essential. focusing on only one may cause you to miss out on what God is saying altogether. Strive personally to see as God sees not man.

Early Church Fathers
Mathew 16:18 Jesus said, upon this rock will i build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail over it. referring to Peter the apostle. I think church in essence began in the new testament although worship existed from time immemorial.

Have You Healed The Sick
Mark16:15-18 says ......we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.I remember a time when i was really ill and was phyically alone. i read this scripture and told God that i believed and i was sick so i asked Him to fulfil this scripture. I lay my hands on my sick body and spoke His word and my healing and i was supernaturally healed. Another day i was expecting and cooked for four guests, 14 came, God multiplied the food and everyone had enough. They didn't know but i did and glorified His name.

Life More Abundantly
Personally i think the greatest obstacle is actually believing that they deserve it in the first place when they cannot see themselves beyond where they are.Telling someone about a big God when they can't put food on the table is challenging.They need to know and focus on God and not their situations.They need to allow God to transform their mind to perceive His things rather than the things they can see around them.

Done For Jesus Christ
As a christian its not what i do lately but who i am for Jesus on an every second basis. In essence like when the disciples went out into the multitudes (streets today)the people perceived that they had been with Christ ie were christians. what about us? do people see God in us in our dressing, talk, mannerisms, character etc Jesus is an all day every day affair not once in a while

Call Out False Prophets
if you focus on the false prophets long enough you will become a critic of even those that are true.Focus on finding your own truth in the gospel and let your life rebuke the false prophets. in short let the light of God shine so brightly that it will put them to shame and force them to realign themselves to the will and call of God in their lives.Heb4:12 for the word is sharper than any two edged sword. Let God's word deal with them not you.

Reasons Against Abortion
People define christianity differently what he needs is God's word on abortion and it simply, thou shalt not commit murder (Exodu20:13). A child in the womb is a child and a life. In the olden days if you killed anyone, your own life was demanded of you because they followed, honoured and revered the word of God.Today as religious as we are, people fall pregnant, have an abortion and are in church on Sunday. Morality comes to question in the issue of abortions.

Christian Marriage Counseling Tips
Woman is created from the rib of man thus is the protector of his heart. Look at women called virtuous in the bible,their husbands are won over by their conduct and character.Ideally men are the head but women the neck directing them.So its important for the woman to have a solid relationship with God,not a religious one that finds fault but a real relationship.Her husband is her head and God is his head so in essence being one with his head(God) will mean being one with him in your marriage relationship.

Relationships After Divorce
Philipians4:13 I can do all things. I went through something similar and was so torn I thought I was going to die until I read scripture and surrendered my emotions to God and told Him how hurt I was but willing to love again if He could teach me How to be a good wife.He helped me see the things I had done wrong and opened up my heart to realise that I am a helper not a critic of a man.I can't change Him only God can.Today I can enjoy healthy relationships. If He did it for me, He can do it for you.

Integrity And Spirituality
Act4:12.they perceived the disciples had been with Jesus because they spoke as He spoke and did what He did the way He would do it.Integrity is having a sense of values so it is impossible to be truly spiritual and have no values that will lead others to comprehend your spirituality.Your spirituality will not be evident until your values and principles (integrity)can be seen, tried and tested both in private and public.

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