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Acceptable To Spank Kids
Its for individual families to choose how to discipline their children and if spanking works for you then its fine by me. both my wife and i were spanked as children and we do spank our own children.

Acceptable To Spank Kids
in our family we are definate advocates of firm christian

Metal Music Good As A Christian
i grew up as a pastor kid,and my dad brought me up that he can trust what kind of music or other things i do. I have become to belive that as long as the band is christian it dosn't matter what type they are. I listen to christian hardcore, my brother listens to christian rap, and my parents listen to anything christian. Besides don't get me wrong every body has an opinion, and some times of that opinion that makes us judge. Some one correct me if i am wrong, but does Christ say something don't judge others.

Where Do Dead Non-Christians Go
I think rays right any one who says non christians go to hell is wrong if your a good person you go to heaven come on if a christian killed 6 people then saw jesus and said i accept u in my life hes gonna go to heaven!

What Is Your Best Christian Song
my most inspiring christian songs

matt redman - You never let go
matt redman - undignified
chris tomlin - how great is our God


Why Am I So Lonely
wanting talk directly to god! lonely bloke believes in miracles, types in god i'm so lonely, and gets a very human earthbound response. i believe in a master creator; i believe you pay mistakes, otherwise what is the value of any lesson? but seek and thou shalt find? all I ever get is humans speaking to me as if they have this real personal right to speak on the big bloke's behalf. i'd give my right arm to have him talk with me; not some person who thinks they are his mouthpiece! am I bitter or what?

Largest Religion In The World
The largest religion was always Islam, and it is the most widespread.

Most people who are counted as christians do not really believe in christianity ( that Jesus is son of God and that he was crucified or that he redeemed people at all)

Muslims are under counted through political reasons, for example the government of Nigeria ( a christian) register muslims as 80 millions in Nigeria while muslims there contend they are over 200 million.

Nations Not Heard The Gospel
I was asking the same question...from what I unterstand as of 1990 according to the christian almanac all 251 nations have established christian churches, and the gospel is bieng preached literally worldwide

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